It's My 1 Year Anniversary On Steemit! Keep On Steeming On!

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August is here and that means it is my 1 year anniversary as a member of this great community. It has been an interesting last year in my personal life but one thing for sure, I have enjoyed this community greatly.

What I Have Learned Since I Joined

I have written my own articles for my website since 2011. When I heard about creating content and getting paid, I new it was for me.

The thing is, it has been so much more than that for me.

I never thought in a million years I would be communicating with so many great people across the world. This would have never happened without this great community. After all, no matter where you are from, we are all one race, the human race!

I have met so many great people here and have learned so much. I have always been interested in crypto-currency but really knew nothing about it.

This place has helped me learn about it and eventually purchase my first coin. I have learned so much but there is so much more I will continue to learn about it.

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What You Can Expect From Me

I like to write about health, fitness, and nutrition mainly, but have also realized that many of my life experiences also have value.

If you have followed me for a while, you may know that cancer has really been a major part of my life. I have lost both parents, and have a nephew currently battling it.

I have used this along with my fitness background to help cancer survivors live a healthier life through a great program that I am involved with.

If anyone is going through cancer or has someone in their life going through it and need to vent, please reach out. Trust me, talking about it helps.

I am hoping to write more about these experiences and what I have learned from them.

The Next Year Forward

I must say, when i first joined, I didn't know what to expect. I thought I could just throw some stuff together and get paid for it. It wasn't until I started to add quality posts that people started to engage and I realized how important that is. Going forward I hope to write more articles, because right now I am limited with my schedule. I think quality comments are also important here and will continue to try and leave valuable comments on posts that I like.

Finally, I just want to say thank you to everyone who has followed me, upvoted me, or left me a comment on a post. It really is appreciated. So, thank you all who have helped make this last year on Steemit a great one. I hope I can give back to this great community with value and insight and continue to be part of the growth of Steemit!


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Hey Congrats to you!! Cheers to your 1 year on steemit and many year to come! :)

That's really cool ! Enjoy your time on steemit as always ! Hope you could take a look at my latest posts about writing if you have time for it of course !

Congratulations bro, You made it. Long way to go. Happy 1 year steemit birthday to you. :-)



Thank you very much!

Congratulations, I commend you for the good work so far. I hope you get motivated even more to do what you are doing. sorry about your parents and I know if you could have done something to keep them you would have done that. All the same congrats once again!

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