What The Fork! I'm All Forked Up!! So I Bought Steem With My Bitcoin!

in #steemit4 years ago (edited)

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Before you call me stupid or anything else, I have a very good reason for doing this. You see, I only had a very small amount of Bitcoin.

I am new to the crypto game so with all this talk about a fork of Bitcoin, I just decided to take what I have and put it where I am always at now, STEEMIT.

I enjoy being here and feel that investing in STEEM for me is well worth it.

I will continue to learn about crypto currencies and hopefully learn enough to get into the game.

For now,

Let's hope things just keep STEEMING On!

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Haha, well that's one way to go about it!! Of course STEEM is always a great choice, but if I were you I would diversify a little bit!

Yeah, it was a real small amount. With all the anxiety going on, I thought I would try and lighten things up. I think I may get some Litecoin though.

Jejejeje. Don´t worry man. Your investment is very good for the moment. However i recommend you LTC. Good luck!.

Awesome stuff brother! Let's forking do this!!

Talk soon.