I'm back!

in #steemit3 years ago

Almost two weeks ago, I lost my gadgets to a fire incident at my home. According to my family, an electric cable or something had sparked up in flames, and when I came home, all I found were molten stuff and ashes. I had left my Laptop and my android phone behind to charge because it had low battery due to unsteady power supply. And on returning later that evening, I saw a crowd around my place, and my family folks running helter-skelter. To cut the story short: I lost my laptop and my android, and had been off the grid for a while due to that.

I've gotten myself an old laptop, though. And my steemit password was safely saved in my email draft box so it was easy coming back to steemit again.

It's good to be back!


Oh good at least you have something right now. Very glad everyone was safe though.

Yea, everyone is okay. Thanks a lot.

Sorry to hear of your misfortune and welcome back. I found you through a submission in the Pay it Forward Initiative made by @tryskele.

Not sure what, if any, recourse you may have, but this might have been the fault of the android.


I wouldn't be so sure, though. But Androids going up in flames is a really rare occasion around here. It's probably high voltage that fried our circuit board and sent sparks over our cables or something. I just don't know. But it's over now. Thanks sir.