THE KEY TO SUCCEEDING ON STEEMIT(Based on advice from an experienced steemit user)

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I made a post few days ago after being adviced by someone, highlighting what you should do if you're having troubles with upvotes. I believe it was a well informative post, never the less, I got an even nicer piece of advice from @fiftysixnorth. Incase you didn't follow, please read the first post here.

Below, I reveal what he said: Please pay rapt attention to every detail.


Yes, use lots of pictures, but DO NOT use GOOGLE IMAGES. If you search google images it will show you everything, including (and predominantly) copyrighted pictures. This will get you in a lot of trouble. Not just legally but it can get you in trouble with groups on steemit like @steemcleaners that go through steemit looking for plagiarism and stolen content. You will get blacklisted from many services here and could get your account flagged until you have 0 rep. Don't do this.

A good place to go is pixabay. Lots of steemit authors use pixabay as it allows you to search for royalty free images. Images you can legally use for free. Or if you can, make your own images!

Here's some more advice:

  • Commenting - take the time to look for other people's posts and leave meaningful comments. Do this a lot, It is very difficult to get noticed on steemit because its hard to find posts sometimes. Commenting helps you meet people and make friends. It also makes it more likely that they will come follow you and comment/vote on your posts.

  • Marketing - writing a good post and having an interesting title isn't enough. Visit the post promotion channels in steemit chat and check out the PAL server on discord (its a minnow community and a great place to be seen when starting out).

  • Be Consistent - Post on a regular schedule. If your readers know you have a regular schedule then they will know when to come looking for a new post from you, this can really help keep your followers engaged.

  • Don't post too much - generally the recommendation is not to post more than 4 times a day. Even that I think is a bit much as your regular readers will quickly get bored or wont read everything you post as its simply too much for them to keep up with. They follow other people to! I post only once per day, but I know some people post more. But a good maximum number is 4. That way you don't tire yourself out either! Its a lot of work!

I hope this is helpful to you, i know this advice helped me a lot when I first joined steemit. Good luck out there!

Huge thanks to @fiftysixnorth !


You are welcome @pundit, I hope that advice helps you out :)