It has been falling apart from the beginning, and especially over the past 18 months, but yes, this is another big plummet for the platform and community.

What a major bummer this is. I always thought that society couldn't uphold a project like this properly without major disturbance of justice, but I wanted it to succeed soo badly.

Yeah, me too. I was so happy it existed and I was able to join in mid 2017. I felt a bit late, but I worked hard and invested everything I had in crypto, because I believed in it and put my money where my mouth was. I begged everybody I knew to get involved. A few did, but none are still around at this point. I feel like an idiot. I rode it alllllll the way down to the bottom. I even called the hostile takeover, more than a year ago. I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw it coming. Yet here I still am, in the ashes, holding the empty bag. I've got nothing but "I told ya so". :(

Oh well, better sooner than later. Hopefully there will be something better.

Maybe not from the beginning, but from 2017 December.
If you take a look at the statistics, it is clear.

Steem is sexy but I hate to watch it leave...

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