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RE: I set my voting proxy on @proxy.token

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I didn’t support the 0.22.2 soft fork, and will NEVER support these kind of actions that try to freeze assets purchased from someone in a legitimate way. DPoS should NOT give a poor example of freezing investor’s legitimately purchased funds for any purposes whatsoever. Also, the 0.22.2 agreement was made among “certain” members of Steem, it was not the consensus of the community

It wasnt legitimate. It was a purchase of known stolen goods. They purchased a company, they should have known one of their largest asset was stolen goods. That's called due diligence. Good luck trying to explain to a judge/jury how you didn't know the Mona Lisa you purchased was stolen.

Some people send FUD that @justinsunsteemit bought Steemit inc. to dump his token later on. So what? Aren't we living in a free market system, not communism world? I wouldn't invest my personal money (it was just $40K-$50K, super tinier than his) if this platform was trying to restrict the ROI-seeking attempt.

It's not FUD, he literally said so, there's literally a recording of it.

We need a new witness voting system. There are too many "seized" and "forgotten" witness votes that make witnesses not to much compete with each other. These are my rough thoughts: 1. All the witness votes the user makes should reset every new quarter (meaning that all users must renew their witness votes on a quarterly basis). 2. A Town Hall Meeting with the top 50 witnesses should be set by Steemit inc. so they can pitch their quarterly work/achievement. 3. The Witness voting reward pool should be set to reward the users who have renewed their witness votes. 4. Reduce the number of one person to vote from 30 to 3.

I agree that we should review the witness process so that the same stake cant elect 100% of the top 20 witnesses. 10 votes is probably enough.

PS: I was also against 0.2244 but I am even more against what @justinsunsteemit did with Binance, Poloniex and other exchanges. The users of those exchanges, cant cash out their money now if they want to.


Thanks for sharing your opinion even though we have a different opinion.

Justin wasn't going to dump steem. That's just his english getting in the way.
He's an investor, and he'd want to make sure his investment was profitable. Wouldn't you sell some of your stake to do other stuff for yourself?