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RE: Steem Secrets #10 (Delivered By @thereikiforest): On Steemit, There Are Bigger Things Than "Quality Of Content". Digest This & Your Posts Will Start Trending!

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Individuals been lecturing quality to me seen. Be that as it may, now, you've given me the most significant mystery about Steemit, which is esteem.

Presently I will divert my thoughtfulness regarding making an incentive rather than quality... Much obliged to you.


@rameelkarim ~ I too was stuck in the perception obsession of quality content and what I thought it meant before I looked within to see the unseen value....I am excited that you have also been able to make the shift in perspective as well :)

I am ever grateful & humbled that our boy Terry, @surpassinggoogle, allowed me the opportunity to step outside of my comfort zone and share this tenth @steemsecret with you. It has helped me in ways that I am not even able to yet express, but look forward to as I allow more of 'myself' to come through my content.

Thank your for Being YOU! and for sharing this Steemit Journey together. Bright Blessings & Reiki Love!

Yeah,this post is really inspiring i also have gain alot
Self esteem, hope and courage

Right on @bunmi1! That's the Steem-Spirit <333 :)

Indeed!!!! I realised why these post is tag @steemsecret
It is full with the secret we all need to know about steeming.
Now the secret has been revealed. All grateful and gratitude goes to @steemsecret for bringing @thereikiforest to speak in the words of @steemsecret.
A special thanks to @surpassinggoogle, he is indeed an amazing mentor to all of us.

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