Types of Steemit passwords & How to use them

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You might not know this, but you have more than one steemit password. When you first complete your steemit registration, you are provided an owner's key. This is the master key for your account and under no circumstance should you ever give it away to someone you don't trust. The owners key allows access to your funds and gives permission to change the passwords. If someone obtains your owner's password and changes it, your account can never be recovered.


When interacting with-in the steem ecosystem, we found ourself doing different types of transactions in different apps and website. In order to moderate the risk of thrusting these third-party websites with your master key, steemit offer three other types of password that can be used to act or function on your account but limited with certain restrictions.

You can find These passwords at the following link:

The posting key: It is used for posting and voting. It should be different from the active and owner keys. Providing this password to a third party will allow them to post and comment as you in steemit. Some apps that might request this password from you are @Dtube and @Dmania. Both websites that specialize in creating posts with a specific format.

The active key: It is used to make transfers and place orders in the internal market. I personally believe this key is as important as your owner's key because it provides access to your funds and allows access to all the same features as the owner key except by changing such owner key. Using this key, users can send steem funds to other accounts as well as exchange steem for steem dollars in the internal exchange. This key might be used to delegate steem power to other accounts. Because of it delegation capability, a website such as @minnowbooster might request this password to process transactions.

The memo key: It is used to create and read memos. When they are encrypted.

Never mind if a key can be used to transfer your funds out of your account, all of them are important and should be protected.

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Thank you @raybilson for sharing about various Steemit passwords and the importance of not losing them. It is really useful and informative for a newbie like me. :)

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The security in this community is implemented from the first step of activating the account, by protecting the main password and thus not having any kind of problem later.

It's human nature to be careless, this post in just a little reminder of how important is account security

Good Work sir.

A very interesting science @raybilson. Our terms assume key is a common thing. But that's obviously wrong. the key is one very important thing, because many uses on our account. regards Steemit ...


what is the meaning of steem ecosystem, is he separated from the steem account so the calculation is different from the vest

I am still confused to translate it

by ecosystem I meant all the apps the work in the steemit blockchain such as @busy and @dtube

what about upvote robots, are they included in the ecosystem section of @raybilson

I think that by using the word ecosystem, I call for the wrong analogy. what I meant by ecosystem is simply anything that interacts with the steem blockchain. And yes that includes bots.

in a sentence you write:

If someone obtains your owner's password and changes it, your account can never be recovered.

does that mean I will lose all the STEEM / SBD I have, if we can not make a report related to losing this password

on steemit you cannot make a report to recover your password if your lose your master key to someone else, you most probably will lose your account permanently.

means that if I lose my key password I can not do anything in steemit

thanks for the enlightenment, thank you for helping @raybilson


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I have 1 question, hopefully you can help me to answer this, my question is: if we use an app like busy, esteem, smarteem, steemauto, steemfollower, etc., there they ask for a key / passkey WIF key for us access to their site, is it harmless to our account ...

some of them are safe, for know I haven't heard of any miss use but is always good to do some research on the platform you are providing your password before you provide it.

thank you for the science, hopefully you continue to write positive things and share with us here

Thanks u a lot @raybilson, Have a nice day

Never knew there were different kinds of Steemit passwords. This is insightful. Thank you

you are welcome, I wrote this for new people on steemit. There much information that does not get passed around as much as it should be.

Thanks for you sir......

a very useful lesson for the steemit who can keep his password ,,,
thank you @raybilson for giving a very useful knowledge, and hope you always succeed in steemit.

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