Cherish the time!

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Cherish the time, what does that actually mean? For the younger group on steemit, it probably is a statement that gets ignored alot. I can only suspect that, because it was ignored by myself in my younger years.


As I sit her with Lisa talking about the Christmas Eve party that ended about 2 hours ago. I've realized even more than before that time is special, its a blessing and it should not be ignored. Time goes by faster and faster as you get older. We looked back on the previous year and half and both realized how quick life can change.


As most of you are aware, over the past 18 months god has shown me how blessed I am. First with my youngest son having open heart surgery and then with my father having a stroke. To say the least, I have finally realized that TIME is the most important thing in life. My youngest son is doing awesome and has recovered 100%. My father has recovered about 80% with just a small bit of recovery left to go in his left arm but he is a fighter and will be 100% very soon.

Today's lesson was hard on my kids.

The Christmas party went well today, plenty of food, laughs and memories made. It was time to exchange gifts and this year no one new what was coming. The kids all got their packages from my Mom and Dad. Codey was the first to open since he is the youngest of the three. He ripped the package open and was a little confused. It was a cook book.


At this point my oldest 2 kinda new what was going on. My oldest son held his tears back a little but my daughter was not able to. Codey still was a little confused and the tearing up was making him even more confused.


As he sat there and looked through the cook book he realized that the recipes where not written like normal recipes. They where written like a conversation-recipe, he finally asked my Mom why she made the recipe book and why it was written like it was.

Here was her response as close as I can remember it.


She said " Codey when your ready to use this book, I may not be around. I wanted you to have a book that was written like if we where having a conversation. This book will help you enjoy the memories that we had when we would eat dinner together". I figured that had writing it would make you realize that it was my words.



Before today, Codey just automatically thought that his Nana would always be around, today he realized that his thought was wrong.

As you spend the next 24 hours with whomever is special to you, remember this.... time is very valuable, use it correctly and cherish every second that you are given.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MY STEEMIT FAMILY, may god bless you with memories, full bellies and loved ones.



You are absolutely right. Time must be cherished and, as a 71 years old man, I know that I don't have much of it left...
A Very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful 2020 to you and all your family!

Well blow me down with a feather @ronaldoavelino.... I would never have guessed you were 71. I always thought you were 40-55!

True but not true, Ron you probably have more years left then you think! True on time. Merry Christmas Ron!

I hope so. It is good to have you back posting.

@raybrockman God bless you and yours brother! A very Merry Christmas and many many good things to you into the New Year.
You are so correct on time and with the birth first I think it has finally clicked and the young man that thought he knew something now is transitioning into a true father and man.
The hard lesson are alway bitter sweet because like a good love they mean so much but show truth that we often want to ignore. Everything in life seems so important until a moment that brings perspective. Worry about money or going to a concert but then someone you love has a problem.and then all that importance fades. Those people, family, friends, and the connections those are important and I can only pray for.God to grant me the always see that.
Thanks for this Ray! It seems I was meant to see things this Christmas Eve that I have been too foolish to see and this post plays a role. Be well Brother!

Thanks brother! Hope you have a Safe, and Blessed Christmas. When times ( and they will) seem stressed and frustrated remenber, that one day those little ones will be big ones and you will wish they where little ones again.

My nan had a bad turn a few days ago and the paramedics were able to bring her back. It was lucky because a "first responder" lives on her street that they managed to save her. So reading this brought a tear to my eye too.

Merry Christmas to you and yours big man. Sending all our love from my family to yours. 🎅

Hate to hear that about your Nan, glad someone was close. MERRY CHRISTMAS MY FRIEND!!!

Yesterday, I put my Mother in a care home and making some tough decisions over the last three weeks. Some memories faded and health had diminish so suddenly. Time suddenly becomes more precious not knowing how much time she has left. I spend more time with her in the hospital these three weeks than the last three years.
She is stable, I hope we make it to one more Christmas.

Thank you for all you do in this community @raybrockman
And Merry Christmas

Sorry to hear about your Mom. I am sure you all will make many more Christmas memories. Time has a way of sneaking up on you. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AS WELL.

Ahhh that gift is an absolute treasure. If I had something like that from my grandma now it would be my most prized possession. Looks like the Brockmans had a great Christmas. Happy New Year Ray!

Merry Christmas! On New Year’s Eve. Ray, I just read this post and loved it. How right you are!
Cheers bro! May you and all your family be blessed.

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