Please Consider Helping Me to Save the Steemit Culinary Challenge With Your Upvote. *Edited Post

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Edit: Since writing this post, all outstanding prize-payouts for past contests have been kindly and most generously, paid in full by @smooth.

@woman-onthe-wing has also returned all the donated currency that she has directly received back to the original donors.

Any currency that is generated by this post and is paid out in 7 days from today, will still be given to @woman-onthe-wing who will use it to fund the prize pool for next week's culinary challenge. Thanks so much for coming together as a community to support the SCC. I am very happy to report that the contest will continue!!! If you are new to Steemit or have never entered before please check it out and consider entering.

Life is always throwing us curve balls from time to time and it's up to us to figure out what the best course of action is to appropriately address each challenge that we find ourselves presented with.

Here's one such challenge that I am prepared to work on and find a solution for:

Approximately 3.5 months ago, @englishtchrivy handed the reins of the running of the Steemit Culinary Challenge over to @woman-onthe-wing to carry on. To date, we have had 33 successful Steemit Culinary Challenges. Since the contest started 9 months ago, we have only had to put the challenge on hold a few times for one reason or another. Otherwise it had been running pretty much consecutively week after week.

In the last 4 weeks, the main prize sponsor (who has been providing the winning prize every week for weeks 1-29) went missing.  Attempts to repeatedly communicate through private emails and through post comments have gone unanswered.

In fact, not a word has been heard to confirm one way or the other, if this person still even wants to continue sponsoring the contest or being part of it, in any way.

So first of all, we can only hope that this person is alright and is just super busy or away traveling at the moment.

I, publicly would like to personally thank every one of our Steemit Culinary Challenge Sponsors and Guest Judges because without their past support, the SCC would've folded long ago (in my humble opinion). 

At any rate, what this has meant is that we have about 3 weeks of past SCC winners who have not received their prizes (and some have been patiently waiting for over 30 days now).

The Steemit Culinary Challenge currently owes 200 Steem Backed Dollars to past competitors and @woman-onthe-wing confided in me that she will not let fellow Steemians go without the prizes that they have fairly won. As a result, she is preparing to pay these prizes directly out of her own wallet. 

I don't feel that this is right so I am willing to help by donating 50 SBD to the cause myself.

(@woman-onthe-wing, is likely going to be mortified but too bad Girl! I can't and won't let you shoulder this alone.)

I also thought that making this post would shed some light on the challenge and that maybe if the community at large "knew" they might also like to help.

If you do want to help, please consider upvoting this post and re-steeming it, if you think the cause is worthy enough.

All SBDs that are generated from this post will be given directly to @woman-onthe-wing to clear the SCC's outstanding debt. If there happens to be more than 150 SBD generated, the extra currency will be put towards prizing to support the contest going forward. With any luck you, as the community, will see the value in helping this contest to be able to continue.

@knarly327 helped me to make this video before I started my working day, today. He uploaded it to his YouTube channel: Scrape Fe on July 11, 2017.

Steemit is all about leveling the playing field among individuals and creating life-style opportunities, that up until this period of history, has not existed. The SCC like all the contests run on Steemit, support many new Steemians.

It gives new folks a place to start and the ability to learn how the platform works. It also helps them to build their reputations and get to know new people in the process.

For many of the contestants, English is not their first language so sharing a recipe with some photos becomes an easier translating process to start with. It was an invaluable program that really helped me to build my own reputation and gain Steeming confidence. I also think that this contest has become a cornerstone of the Steemit platform experience and it would be a shame for such a great contest not to exist anymore due to lack of communication or not trying to resolve operating issues with a solution, on my part. 

We all have to eat folks, and this is "me" putting my currency where my mouth is.

Please consider supporting this initiative with your upvoting power and sharing this news with your friends.

(This post has been edited with new information at 8:36 pm, July 11, 2017 by Rebecca Ryan.)

Thank you for your consideration and I welcome your comments.

~ Rebecca Ryan


Hi @rebeccaryan , I am just new on the platform and I was really enjoying the challenge! I even won a price last time ; the most creative entry!
I am donating 25 SBD right now after posting this to @woman-onthe-wing ! I hope it will make a difference in saving SCC!
Best Regards

Thank you @progressivechef!
I saw your entry and thought you did an outstanding job. I particularly liked your Alien berries. Your entire presentation was visually stunning.
Everything has now been 100% sorted and the contest will continue!
Thanks so much for taking immediate action. You went above and beyond today my friend. :)

Thanks for the appreciation dear!
Very happy that all is back to normal dear!

I'd like to give an update on this:

I've been traveling this month and wasn't able to access for a while. So unfortunately I was not accessible there. I thought I had given my email to @woman-onthe-wing to contact me about the contest but apparently that was not the case.

I was able to reestablish contact and all of the previous prize winners have now been paid.

As I understand it @woman-onthe-wing has decided to accept sponsorship from a new sponsor who is more active on and I support that decision. I'm open to sponsoring this contest again or sponsoring other great community contests in the future.

Fantastic resolution @smooth!!!
First of all it's great to have you back and learn that you are ok and just have been away traveling.
Secondly, thank you so much for everything you have done for all of us.
I sincerely mean that.
29 weeks of prize sponsoring is a huge commitment and you have helped countless Steemians in the process. ( I count myself as one of those folks.)
You have always come through for all of us and for that I am forever grateful. :)
I will edit this post to highlight the fact that all the prizes have been paid and no debt exists. I will also reiterate that any currency generated on this post will go towards next week's culinary challenge because it can now continue!!!!
Thanks again,

Upvoted and restemed 💚🌸🍇🌸🍇💚

Thank you @lenasveganliving!
I greatly appreciate your support and have followed you. :)

English version below

Merveilleuse initiative ce post pour expliquer la situation et collecter des fonds pour ce concours. Il est vrai que les concours sont une très belle opportunité pour les nouveaux membres de la communauté! Il est important de les supporter!! J'upvote et resteem!

Wonderful initiative this post to explain the situation and raise funds for this contest. It is true that the competitions are a great opportunity for new members of the community! It is important to support them !! I upvote and restem!

100% upvote. A noble cause, thank you for caring about this community so much!

PS: I will resteem it tonight when more of my friends are online to see it!

Thanks Lyndsay! The debt has been 100% cleared now and the contest will continue!

Excellent news! Thanks for letting me know Rebecca!


Oh no, wish I could help! I only have few SBD and I have just converted to SP. But I already upvoted and resteemed. Hope we can find a way to get SCC back on track :-)

No need to worry @ikaputri3. Everything has be paid in full today by @smooth and the contest will continue!

Ohh that's good news! I'm glad to hear that :-)

You're great , spread awareness . Upvote!

Thanks for your upvote! Things have now been 100% sorted and the contest will continue!

I hope the original sponsor is okay! Thanks for doing this and trying to help make up for the missing funds. The winners should be very honored! Keep STEEMin'!

Thank you @jeffjagoe! Everything has been sorted and the sponsor located!

I like that idea behind the Steemit Culinary Challenge!
And enjoy your posts! Keep up good work! :d

Thank you. The prizes have been paid in full and the SCC will continue!

Upvoted. I agree with you. We need to go forward. Not backward.
I will Resteemit too.
Thank you for caring enough.


Thank you so much Francis!

Upvoted :-) Enjoy

Thank you for upvoting @stefen!

Nice post. follow me, I will follow back

Thank you. I have. Thank you for your upvote. :)

You have a new follower! I believe contests here on Steemit are a fabulous way to interact with people and bring out the best in them. Hope it all works out! (this post has the #thealliance's support)

Thanks for throwing your support and the support of #thealliance behind this.
All the winners have been paid in full now and the contest will continue.
Thanks for following. I have reciprocated. :)

You've got my 100% upvote. I see I hadn't upvoted the last SCC post from @woman-onthe-wing yet either, so I'll give that a 100% upvote aswell. I hope the contest is able to continue.

If the investor doesn't come back, maybe lowering price money is another way to go. I'm sure many regular contenders would care more about the contest staying than about the hight of the prices :-)

Thanks for your support and comments @playfulfoodie!
Everything has been sort now and the contest will continue!
I think that we may see some changes. :)

I'm so happy to hear that :D

@rebeccaryan I support you. This of course is a pity that our sponsor disappeared. I also think that a @woman-onthe-wings should not pay from her own purse.
Personally, I then refuse my winnings, already and I forgot how many there were. I hope everything will go well and our beloved contest will gain momentum.

Everything will be good.

Oh Shady, Thank you for your comments and your on-going support of this challenge.
Everything has now been sorted and the contest will continue!
You are a trooper, thanks for not giving up on the SCC. ;)

I've 100% upvoted.
Seems like a great initiative that you are trying to push for here.
I wish you the best of luck with it and I can't wait to see more participants and larger culinary challenges.

Thank you @arckrai! All the prize have been fully paid now and this means that the contest will continue!

Thank you @arckrai!
All has been sorted as of this afternoon so the contest will continue. :)

Great initiative. Keep up the good work. @rebeccaryan

Keep your great job

I'm always supporting you.

Thank you so much @how2steemit! I appreciate it. :)

Great job

I'm glad everything is sorted. You both rock and have my full support ;)

Thanks Amy! We'll all get this done and I consider you to be a core part of the SCC. You've always brought high calibre posts to the SCC's table and you have been exceptionally consistent.

Aww thanks @rebeccaryan! Happy to be part of this wonderful community! Making a smooth smoothie later this day ;)

thats awesome we are here for the Support !! xD

You got my minnow vote. Unfortunately, my vote at 100% is only worth five cents now not 12 cents anymore. Sorry I haven't been on much. Wishing all the best to you and The Steemit Culinary Challenge!

Thanks so much @magick323! Yeah, we're out of the honeymoon phase with Hardfork19, I'd say. Seems every crypto-coin has taken a severe hair-cut these days.
I have no answers but to ride it out.

Nice. Upvoted :)

Thanks @luja!
I have followed you. Please consider entering this week's challenge, if it's your thing. :)