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RE: Steem Secrets #8 (Delivered By @athenabree08): To Succeed On Steemit You Will Need A Lorry Load Of Foresight. See This Rare Intel!

in #steemit4 years ago

Again thank you @steemsecrets, for this an eye opener again.

Thank you also @athenabree08,. another minnow but "whale" inside. thank you for sharing your words of wisdom.

That's it..."Open your eyes! Shine your eyes! For, it is not about looking too much; "it is about how much you can see!


another mind awakening and impartation for me.

Thank you @athenabree08 for sharing your wisdom and impartation. Continue to delivered empowering message to us.

@steemsecrets thank you for allowing minnows but a whale nside to speak with you.
letting the stemians to spread the wings and soar high.

Thank you so much.


My pleasure @remielbertes Thanks to @surpassinggoogle who encouraged me most. 😊

An eye opener indeed! @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle is imparting us with all the necessaries needed for this steemit journey and I am so glad to be in this epic episode. Now I feel 'whaler' than ever before.

Thanks to @steemsecrets for all these inspiring words of encouragement for us minnows. This will surely be noted and it’s also giving me the drive to keep posting and steeming. Now I also feel ‘whaler’ inside than ever before! :D this steemit journey is one the greatest things that has happened to my life. Im glad I have found this platform. God bless everyone... :)

I agree.
This has really made minnows on here to be able to spread wings out and soar really high.
It is bringing out the inner whale in all of us.
Im really grateful for this initiative @surpassinggoogle

It is bringing out the inner whale in all of us.

That's the idea bro.

This has really made minnows on here to be able to spread wings out and soar really high.

Every one is a whale inside. With that realisation comes the mindset to aspire to greatest heights attainable, even more than 'whale'

Opening our eyes will lead us to see things but we can see more when we close our eyes, just make sense. When we close our eyes that's the time we can see things that the naked eye cannot see.

Yes indeed. We just have to feel it. 😊

the 7 steemsecret are valuable for opening your eye to steemit! every

one in steemit praising @steemsecrets to community!
the point 'You have a sandbox to turn dreams into reality'
touch my heart and motivated people to start his journey! wonderfull lesson got from #steemsecret team you are whale inside!

@steemsecrets is the hotest deal right now. Educative and mindblowing

I think and act like a whale. Although i have not arrived yet but i know am a whale inside and thanks to @steemsecrets @surpassinggogle who has given us a shoulder to lean on

Thank you @surpassinggoogle for supporting the minnows and newbies here. You are letting us to soar high, to grow and to become a whale inside-out. THANK YOU SO MUCH 😍😍😍

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