Why I Joined Minnow Support

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A lot of newbies here in Steemit, including myself, are always looking for ways to earn more money from every post. As I was browsing online, I read a review about @MinnowSupport. At first, I was hesitant to join because of I don't have my first payout yet then I have to pay them 0.001 worth of Steem. So I waited for my other account to get its first earnings before joining the group.

After joining, I noticed that there are some members (like me) who doesn't know what to do next. It's a good thing that I read another review online that a Streemian account and a Steem Voter account is needed (will post a full instructions soon).

What It Is

Minnow Support is good for newbies who wanted to get a good boost in their posts. It allows you to earn more by getting upvotes from the support group automatically (not really automatic, you just have to type a certain code plus your blog post url).

It is also a great community where you can interact with other members who welcome you without any barrier. They don't mind if you're not from the same country, race, etc. They just care for each other.

This is just the beginning of my journey here on Steemit. My main goal is to get more Filipinos start a side career on Steemit.


thanks for the info. Since you're interested in this kind of thing I'll give you my idea I came up with yesterday. -> I was wondering if you would be interested in teaming up with me and others? Aside from my normal random upvoting and curating, I’m looking to team up with some folks whose content I like and they like mine.

We can work as a team to help and build each other up simply using the tag #minnowtowhale. We can do a search at any point and find each other quickly that way. If we build up a decent sized team, we can help one another grow buy following, commenting, upvoting and resteaming. Quality over quantity style. Interested? LMK :)

I'm interested. :) This sounds like a good plan.

Sweet. I'll be using the tag as much as possible. Maybe not 100% of the time but very close to it. I think the more we use it, the better the chances of us finding each other and showing support to one another. Feel free to copy and paste the request to any cool people you come across. We'll spread faster that way. Any questions? Welcome to team #minnowtowhale

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