is Powering Up!

in #steemit4 years ago (edited)

Hi Resteemians! We did it. We hit 100 SBD worth of donations, and as promised, I have converted the SBD into Steem and powered up by 167 Steem Power.

Going forward we will be offering smaller parcels of SP rentals so the community can profit from delegating SP to @resteemable.

Resteem on!


congratulations for its success, visit me @jackilzar

How much you rent for 7k.
I want to join with you

We're offering roughly 5.5 Steem per day for 7000 SP delegation (4 Weeks)

If you are willing for 4 weeks 75 steam, I will take it

Hi @klen.civil we're taking your advice under consideration :)

congrats for the success...hope you can visit my blog @sheloumith

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Wow! Congratulations. This is great news!

Congulatulations, will be glad joining you @wanasoloben


Sir when you become milliner can you remember your pi0neer voter who support you and believe upon you in start ?