Celebrating 1500 Followers

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Hi, Dear Steemians Friends.

Today is a celebration day. This is the day I just pass over the 1500 followers, so the event deserved a little post. It has been a long road since my first post, a road with a lot of mountains going up and down, very close to the image of the coins market chart in the past few weeks. I want to say a big, BIG thank you to my community Thai and Lao for all the good moments they give me and all the love I receive. When I look back at the time when there is no one Thai content and only a few Thais that were posting in English in order to be seen and get little upvotes and where we are today very close to a thousand account we have made a good way. But what I really love the most is the unity of our community and the help and love that everyone is giving, also, to see how proud our peoples are to be in our community. Every night when I go to bed I have a good feeling and be proud to know that our peoples are happy, this is the best feeling ever for me to be on Steem. I also have to say a big thanks to @teammorroco and @arabicteam and all their communities for all the love I get from them and I am proud of what we've done so far in order to get them organized. A very big thanks also to all the Steemians from all parts of the world for following me and drop me some thoughtful comments. One of the biggest thanks goes to the peoples that support me and my vision of communities at Steem and Busy and other heads of communities, without you none of that was possible to achieve. So let's continue all together to keep making this world a better place for all. If I have to say one thing to conclude this post is "far before the upvotes, I get in Steem a lot of love and this is the most important thing in life"
Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Love and Happiness



congratulations my friend 🎉 and we are thankfull for your help @ricko66 you will remain the pacemaker of @teamarabic . thanks for take care of our community , thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Thanks a lot, @moroccantoughts for being one of the leaders with @askmee that's moving things in a good direction and I am happy to say we have done a great thing for many countries. Thank a lot :)

really you deserve to be followed due to your guidance, you and thaiteam are a good example happy for you 1500 followers it's not easy to be reached 👍

Thank you @rezzouk.elabiad I am glad to have quality people surrounding me in this adventure. Hope you the best :)

Congratulations dear

Thank a lot @nourtawfiq. I am happy to count you in my followers :)

❇️🍾🚀Congratulation! 🌈✳️✴️

Thank you very much @kumluangdee :)

Congratulation and Thank you for support every think for thai

Thank you very much khun @pichat, also a special thanks for your great work in promoting Steemit and be part of @thaiteam. Thanks a lot :)

Congratulations on your 1500 followers.

Thank you, I hope you Steemit journey to be nice as well :)

Yuhuuu, Congratulations @ricko66. It must be have ups and downs because life is never flat😄.

I also just celebrated my two months anniversary on this cool platform. You can go check it on my blog sometime.

Keep writing, keep inspiring! 😇

Sure there is always up and downs but the love I get from my followers always push me further. Thank you :)

Let's grow up here together to build this platform better 💪😇


Thank you :)

Congrats Mr. Well done! And Thanks for take care of our community.

Thanks a lot, @alexwonderful. It is because I am surrounded by good people like you that I make it so far and gives me the power to keep on Steeming. Happy to have you with us :)

You really deserve more

The numbers are not what is important, the qualities and love of the peoples surrounding us are the most important.

People's love and appreciation is much more important than everything.
With love we breathe.

Congratulation Hope you reach 2000 very soon:)

Thank you very much :)

Congratulations brother @ricko66 and i hope to reach 10000 , you deserve all the respect

Thank you @taoufik, but I am not rushing to get that high I always prefer less but quality people around me than a lot not very good. Thank you :)

Congratulations to you Mr @ricko66 By the arrival of 1500 followers you deserve the most because you are a good person and encourages the original content and wish you success and prosperity to be ranked first on the global level and everything possible

Thank you @abderrahimlafifi, 1500 followers is already a big number for me. I try my best to develop some opportunities for communities who have less visibility and by the way helping Steem to gain some additional values. Everything is possible for everybody here :)

Congratulations I'm so proud to be one of them

I am also proud to be with you and @moroccantoughts in the great adventure of @teamarabic. You are a person of quality. Thank you :)

congratulations and good luck reaching 2000 soon.

Thank you @chatitsimo number is not the most important. Better have 1500 good persons than 10 000 bad one. Thank you :)

Congratulations @ricko66


Congratulations, keep up the good work!

Congratulations with you @ricko66! You did a good job here! Also your sticker looks very cute, too! :)

Thank you @mayasiam I am happy to have you on board you make a good work. Good that you like my rooster character, I also find it a good way to represent some of the posts moods. Thank you very much :)

Awww!!! You're very welcome! Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm happy to hear that you're cheering me, too! ❤️

I am always happy to see your post representing some of the Thai food and other things high in the trendings. It is always a good thing to show to the world what Thailand is. For longtime Thailand has suffered from a bad image that's not reflecting the reality. Today things are better but showing what Thais and Thailand, in general, is important. Thank you :) 🙏

Awww!!! I didn't know that you can talk sweet, too! If had known I would come to talk to you and cheer you everyday! :)

Of course, I can talk nice and always do. Don't judge me on a post, back at the beginning of our community when I have to speak load to stop some abuses. But today when I look where we are today and how people look at us from outside, it was necessary to say it. Even if I think I must have done it lower and not hurt feelings. But I always nice and always try to look at equity and try to help my best. You're welcome :) 🙏

Awesome to have you here. :)

Thank you @mayasiam :)

congratulation and thanks for your support

Thank you @ritfuse, it is my way to give something back to the country and the people of Thailand :)

You are officially the famous one now, congrats 🎉

Thank you @impressable, Famous is not important but being surrounded by love is the most important as well as quality peoples. Thanks also for all your valuable help. :)

We are thankful for your support too, your welcome.

Congratulations. ยินดีด้วยนะคะคุณ @ ricko66 🎁🎉

Thank you @kanokwan, I hope you are OK and doing well at the school :)

I’m very well!! Thank you @ricko66 ;)

Congratulations dear

ยินดีด้วยนะครับ ต่อไปผมว่าคุณ @ricko66 ต้องฉลอง 15000 คนติดตามแน่ๆครับ

Better 1500 good peoples than 15000 not really good. Thank you @beer32 :)

ขอแสดงความยินดีด้วยนะคะ ที่มีผู้ติดตาม 1500 คนค่ะ

The quality and the love of the people around us is what is the most important. Thank you @meow99 to be one of them :)

แสดงความยินดีด้วยค่ะ ว้าววว 1500 ผู้ติดตาม ไม่ใช่น้อยๆ
Congrats ! Khun Ricko

The best is all the love I get from this peoples, it is what's boosting me. Thank you @nattytsteemit to be one of them. :)

Thank you, you the best!

ยินดีด้วยค่ะคุณ​ @ricko66 👍👍 Wow!!

Thank you very much khun @piyamas :)

I hope I will reach so many follower by the end of this year! So much to post and so little time!

You already have one more :) Hope you the best.

OHHHHHH merci, le mec!

congratulations and hope you to get more follower.

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