Why are my bad posts making more than my good posts?

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I'm new to the community my account is only around 10 days young. As we all know Steemit is supposed to reward the community for pertinent and original content. I've trying hard to so but I get a lack of motivation when for example a post like this that I've posted that took me barley any effort (https://steemit.com/photography/@ricofm/how-to-break-the-internet-and-steemit-part-ii) makes more money than a posts that I worked hard on like theses for example (https://steemit.com/gaming/@ricofm/47wxng-assassin-s-creed-origins-an-attempt-to-revive-the-series) and (https://steemit.com/sports/@ricofm/egyptian-messi-mohammad-salah-signed-by-liverpool-for-gbp36-9m-from-roma)

The first link that I posted made 0.95$(worst and simplest post)
The second made 0.61$ (my best post)
The third made 0.03$! (my 2nd best post)

This platform is supposed to reward hard work and give exposure to them. How come my best post that took me 2 hours to make made less than my post that took 5 minutes to make.


I'm new too. I encourage you to stick with it and write what inspires you. Eventually, the cream will rise to the top. It's important to encourage people like you who cares about quality to stick with it. Happy and prosperous steeming. I see this as a marathon, not a sprint. 🤗

I do want to write about what I like and about what inspires me but how am I supposed to have motivation if it's not doing as well as the easy posts :/

mention "nsfw" and you get huge number of upvotes...lolll..it's sad but true..

Luck of the draw!

Don't put effort into posts until you have read what others are doing in your subject areas. Comment in these blogs, check your followers, are they some of these people? cool, now write a blog in this subject area and see what happens....

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