Steemit New Years Countdown Redistribution Pot!

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Thank You to everyone who has been contributing to these pots. Everyone seems to be enjoying them and they are helping steemit grow! Today we are doing a "New Years Countdown" pot.

For this pot, everyone who replies with YOUR New Years resolution, upvotes,  and resteems this post will get an equal share of the earnings. That's right - all the steem earned will be divided equally to all the participants! I really like the way this is working out and how involved the steemit community is. So let's keep it going! Please remember only those who COMMENT, UPVOTE and RESTEEM will get their equal share. FULL STEEM AHEAD!!!!


Work harder closer to my goals

great idea - thank you

I have a few , but the most important ones are working on my debts, stopping smoking, reducing the alcohol intake, and stop gambling on those stupid video machines .

Happy new year everybody :D

Working on eating and living better since getting Meningitis which has made life a little more challenging.
Happy New Year everyone

to be more with the familia
upvoted, resteemd!

To work harder on achieving my goals

I am going to aim to get enough steem to get the voting bar slider!

Stop smoking.

resteemed! :)

I will start exercise every day.Helthy life.


Sure, why not!

Awesome idea and thanks for starting this! @riosparada
Get on a more consistent, healthier life plan. Mainly start working out, eating healthier meals, and getting back into meditation.
Everyone go forth into the new year with courage, intent, and love

If next year will be good like this one,i won' t make any decisions.

Spend more time with my family!

Make more time for friends!

Be financially independent.

Be more consistent .😉

Not complainig about steemit voting system again.

resteemed - get my server up and running again
this time i will go for local bitshares node (maybe a steemd node too)

Continue to make good post on steemit ;-)

Be positive, be positive!

This is a very nice idea, much appriciated. I wish yall a happy new year:)

2017 is going to be the year of growth for me and my new years resolutions is to work harder, smarter and more efficiently!

Under the rolling stone gathers no moss , so we have to work ! Thank you that we have Steemit ! I wish you all the best in the New year !!!

Located in great shape.
Upvoted, resteemed!

I want to be better about making time for other people.

My New Years Resolution: dont chase resolutions based on the calender

Strive to get better every day