Steemit New Years Countdown Redistribution Pot!

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Thank You to everyone who has been contributing to these pots. Everyone seems to be enjoying them and they are helping steemit grow! Today we are doing a "New Years Countdown" pot.

For this pot, everyone who replies with what changes you would like to see for steemit and steem, upvotes,  and resteems this post will get an equal share of the earnings. That's right - all the steem earned will be divided equally to all the participants! I really like the way this is working out and how involved the steemit community is. So let's keep it going! Please remember only those who COMMENT, UPVOTE and RESTEEM will get their equal share. FULL STEEM AHEAD!!!!


A trending page based on number of views only, not votes, this removes posts that are being voted on by bots.

For STEEM, a higher price in 2017.
Upvoted and resteemed,


I'd love a more organised/customisable splash page for each user.
I'd also love integrated photo uploads Eben if it's linked to a third party site.

I would like to see a credit card buy button for buying steem

I would like to see Search icon and private massage icon
Happy new year everyone

I think massages are already available over in the NSFW section

I'd like to see smilies :) and maybe not having to click 'ok' after clicking Resteem :)

Thank you

Bright your idea my friend @riosparada congratulations
Great post, happy 2017 year

Growth and success!!!!

I want to see a growth and development and for steemit Steem 2017.
Happy NY2017 !!!

Yes I'd also love there to be an incentive to vote on posts over 24 hours old, also able to reply after 30 days, as I finally got around to trying a rather delicious brownie recipe and wanted to comment that it was just wonderful, but couldn't! Also second idea on private message box, as I've not summoned up enough bravado (yet) to go on steemit chat. Upvoted and Resteemed.

Nice idea . Happy new year steemian , i made a prediction for steemit in 2017 ( STEEMOTOPIA ) , view below
click here

I would like to see personal vote counter and voting power remaining added into the site...


more growth for 2017 :)

I would like a little less drama for 2017 :-)

upvoted and resteemed and I would like more humor, everyone is so stressed around here.

Comment: trending page should be organised by the real votes and comments, bot should be somehow differentiated from real life users, ...

Upvote: done!

Resteem: done!

Happy NY2017 :)

I'd really like there to be incentive to vote on posts that are more than 24 hours old :) Upvoted. Resteeming.

I would like to see a 100% curation option. So that an author can elect to give 100% of the posts proceeds to curators. Upvoted and Resteemed

That would be awesome!!!! FULL STEEM AHEAD!!!!!

I would like to see more depth levels on the replies! Now you have to stop after 6 I believe and sometimes that really annoys me.

The nesting!! It's so frustrating haha!

It so so so so so IS!

I want to see whales more involved in sharing posts like this one. :)

Just take it as it comes without to complain about.

Let's see:
Upvote - Done
Comment - Done
Follow - Done

I would like to see percent of voting power.

I would like to see more active users.


Biggest change I hope to see this new Years will be more ACTIVE Users. The more active users we get here the better the whole community will be for it.

Not just better, necessary. It's necessary for this platform to survive when other platforms are in the making. steemit has the advantage of being first and therefore somewhat established, but with people dropping off and hardly any new people coming in, that spells trouble. Speaking of, everyone needs to go to the introduceyourself page more often. I've welcomed people whose posts were up for hours with no comments or one or two generic 'welcome's' and that's it.

I try to get there often but some days I just forget. Need to work on being more social as well.

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I would to see my posts and resteems separated ! I try not to resteems too much because it's harder to get new followers when they can't find my blogs !
And I would like to see the price of steem go up ! YIPPEE !♨⤴👍♨

like to see steem skyrocket again
upvoted resteemd!

A live chat feature that runs on the side and does not interrupt your view of the main page.