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RE: Project hope and curation trail on - brainstorming

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Hi, I want to be a part of Steemit in the form of curating only. I don't post anymore. So if I follow you over at will it be profitable for me? I plan to put all of my steem power towards curation.


Dear @robertvogt

Thank you for dropping by and for your willingness to support our efforts. If you follow @ph-fund curation trail then all your upvotes will be triggered right before 300k SP upvote from @project.hope would follow.
This way curation rewards from your own upvotes will double.

However if you don't want to be active at all on steemit - perhaps you should consider delegating your SP to @project.hope - we share 100% rewards from curation rewards with all delegators.
More details:

ps. I'm very curious how did you find this publication :) I also noticed that you already delegated all your SP. Did you do it via Just curious.

Yours, Piotr

Sorry for the late reply, it is evidentiary of my recent inactivity on Steemit. I don't remember how I found your article. I did all of my delegation through MinnowBooster.

Hi @robertvogt

Did you read my previos reply by any chance?

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