STEEMIT is Back Up and Running TIME TO CELEBRATE with a🚀 @booster 🚀GIVEAWAY😤

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Like most of you probably noticed steemit was down today for quite some time. Users were experiencing problems trying to log in and not much information was available on what was going on.



The only information I could find before steemit went live again was what @steemit said on twitter

Developers were working hard to fix the problem asap I'm happy to say that STEEMIT is up and running and we can carry on with our usual business.


To celebrate I'm giving away one steemian a 🚀🚀🚀boost via @booster

To enter for the giveaway just:
  • resteem and at least 50% upvote this post, anything less will not be taken in consideration
  • comment link to the post you want boosted
  • Make sure your post is not older than 4 days because the winner will be chosen tomorow or the day after if we wont have more than 5 submissions.
  • If we will have more than 20 submissions I'll give another 🚀🚀 for one more steemian

Rules: One entry only.

Best post will be chosen for the boost so be careful what you choose to post.


WINNERS have been chosen and even though we didnt have more than 20 submissions I decided to reward two steemians with the boost

@jammey won for his initiative to support minnows


@bigdave2250 for his poetry

I open my eyes and realize she is but a beautiful dream
Not sad for what never was
But excited for the dreams tomorrow night shall bring

Love it man (:

That is all for this giveaway! Stay tuned because more will be given away in the future :)

Have a great day all.


Thank you for the boost

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My nomination:

The post is about Bittrex banning Bitshares.

Upvoted and resteemed.

It kinda went down again after I posted this :P But it is up and running smoothly again. Thanks for participating. Have a great day!

Glad you like it :)
Good luck!

Congratz! You are the second winner. Love your initiative to support minnows. Keep up the good work and expect the boost in a few hours.
Have a great and successful day my friend!

Wow.. Thanks for your great contest @runicar..😊
I have a Great hope to win this competition.. Upvoted 100% weight and resteemed to my 959 followers.. This is my entry to the contest..
Cheers and Steem on..

Dondra Head Lighthouse | ColourChallenge Friday 💙 SkyBlue...

Thanks for your entry, love the colors in your pictures. Couldn't believe it was captured with a phone camera.

Congratz! You won!Great poetry, deserves a boost. Expect it in few hours.

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Yes! They Got A DDoS Attack By Bloody Loser Hackers! But We Are Recovered Now
My Link :) ::

I have heard, yea. Hopefully nothing was lost.

Calling @originalworks :)
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Ye that was not cool I still am not able to post pics but can post text any ideas? Cheers ;)

It's going to be a waiting game. There is nothing we can do.

Upvoted and resteemed. Keep on the good work. "He who waters shall be watered", says the bible.
Here is my link:

Thanks, winner will be announced tommorow :)

DOnE~ thank you~!!
A bit of help for this please: