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RE: Can We Change The UI to Display Rewards in USD?

in #steemit3 years ago

Thanks for the awesome info! I just got approved a few minutes ago after applying last night and this community and concept seems incredible already, even more so now! Being a Web Developer myself, I can definitely see your point on displaying in USD and definitely agree. Speaking in terms of getting more people to join Steemit, with the amount of buzzwords and different coins popping up left and right everyday, the general public en masse want to feel like they aren't wasting their time in another crappy cryptocoin they keep hearing about on the news. Displaying in USD I would argue immediately makes people feel safer and secure rather than dealing in a new currency they barely know.


Steem has the highest transaction activity out of all blockchains

because it's a little different, traditional crypto investors aren't all over it like they should be
but ultimately, utility and adoption will define its value, and there, Steem just wins