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RE: How to see your future curation rewards - and how see how profitable your vote was. - Was it worth voting?

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Amazing to see my name in your post multiple times, this is the second post of yours which I am going through and seeing my name mentioned in the post made me proud.

I hardly provided any attention towards the above mentioned facts and I always have ignored the time factor, I think I would have earned some more profit if went through such a post earlier, my steem power is not large though...

I usually vote posts which I go through and find good, here I am gonna vote you after this comment, that is nearly after 24 hrs.


There’s another whale vote coming so maybe there is still some curation to earned by late voters.

Hope so, but I am Lil upset with the way as minnows like we people might not be kept on auto upvote as whales don't vote on our posts, I think I can live my life happily if only one voter of vote strength 10 $ keeps me on autoupvote, I will no longer be poor then

That makes me a Lil frustrated and I think steemit is only for the rich people of world with huge steem power

Hey, I was a minnow once, and after my first 12 outstanding posts had earned the grand total of $0.01 in votes. Only after I wrote a stupid blog “How to make a fried egg sandwich” did I get my first 5 “Real-Human” followers. Buying some steem power helped. I now have over 2000 followers, of whom about 300 are now friends and follow me because they like what I write. The rest could be bots, drones, dead, or just following me hoping for a free vote. If you here for the money only, then it is not going to be as worthwhile as a day job. On the other hand if you like writing, it is more about seeing your reputation grow slowly, and enjoying that. Don’t focus too much on the money. Write for love and respect.

You are dam true and I respect your thoughts, but you know what I am here on this platform since start of this year, getting some attention towards my posts from my followers is my all time dream, my posts hardly get the deserved views.
But whenever I have got a big vote on my post that post has got a little popularity and I got some comments too on those posts.
Seeing people getting involved in your posts helps you to show your interest in writing.

My wish is to get at least one big vote on my every post so that people may get involved on the post.

I hope you get my point What I am going to say

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