Steemit transformation (getting down day by day)

in #steemit4 years ago

Hello steemit !
I am here from October 2017. when I joined here I found a lot of opportunities and many helpful articles, but some days later I saw many things and meet many ways to earn Crypto I mean Steem dollar and steem. That was very joyful for me because this was the easiest way to earn a lot of money. Many Bot here to gave us free services and many paid bot who opened many systems to earn SBD and steem from here.
That's why all over the world many peoples who have to know Idea about steemit and its rules they opened a steemit account and spammed here.
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By the on that time SBD rate was too much high, the even minimum rate was 10 USD but now when I see its rate I am amazed! I don't know why it's getting down day by day?
I wish to get back steemit like before again!


I wish too

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I think everyone wants SBD at 10$ but that is definitely not sustainable. Remember that in the beginning 1 SBD was meant to pegged to 1 USD.