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RE: Bringing Steemit To Jakarta's Slums - Together We Can KILL Poverty!

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I was going to post about a similar initiative here where I am at a homeless encampment. Hope it goes well for Jakartans. I know the city and the slums are prone to flooding an myriad other hardships on top of the evident poverty. A chance is a chance.


Yes my friend all we need is a "chance"!

I have lived with the dispossessed in several countries around the world.... I hope I can bring my experience, knowledge and love to Jakarta within the next few months! I know I will make a big difference!

Where are you on this heartbreakingly beautiful planet my friend? I would be most interest to know!

Upvoted and followed! =)

Right by the longest and least protected international border on this planet and about 5 miles away from a massive homeless camp in the forest.