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RE: I'm Giving Up!

in #steemit4 years ago

Hello how are you

I loved reading your publication,
I see a woman
fighter and passionate
In this walk through life
we are going to find many stones that make the road a bit difficult
but life without difficulties also loses some brightness
the key is to learn to walk and
dodge stones that hinder
many of these stones that get in the way
they are only in our mind
Keep that passion and enjoy this walk.


ohh, so sweet...
I appreciate the comment ma'am,
thank you for the motivation..
and thanks for your time reading...

i feel really glad to see your comment and you are supporting users too 😊😊

lots of love for both of you @samic and @surpassinggoogle 😍😍

life means life with full of uncertainties. We have to live for survival, keep the way of who you are as an advantage to bring you the life to the fullest. Life is good , just a matter of living and being wise somehow.

@maylyn09 I read every line to the end. Its not just about not racking up enough SBD that makes everything suck. You look at the time you have used up and you feel really not made for this.

But trust me, every big shots here started just like you.

Happy you found your fire back!

I trust you... 😉
thank you for your time reading! I appreciate all your words... and the comments here just lit up the fire in me.... it encourages me to keep steeming...

I think your expectations are to high...this is a platform to grow in...the rewards come to those who post and comment on a daily basis. Follow and comment on great peoples posts and you'll start seeing the rewards you desire! =) Following you!!