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RE: Steemit Gives Power to the People!

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Actually, the most benefits will probably go to the 1% of accounts that currently control over 90% of the SP, followed by those with the cash to buy exposure by using upvote bots. If you don't fall into those two categories, it's not impossible to achieve great things in the Steem ecosystem, but it's much harder.

That said, I do agree that it is a massive improvement over current arrangements in both social and main-stream media, and has enormous potential to revolutionise both fields.


Didnt know steemit was so dominated by a few. They should probably do something about that. Maybe have a limit to how much steem power you can have

The mechanics of what anyone can 'do' in this stem are quite complicated - I'm not sure I know where to start. And I was pretty grumpy when I realised how concentrated wealth is here. But in one sense that's the beauty of this as a social experiment. If we can make this work, then it's a good model for the broader economy, which has its own problems with inequality of power and money.

its pretty hard to over come greed but maybe steemit can work it out. if people are to greedy on there everyone will leave to the next best thing.

Here's the thing: Greed is a pretty standard human motivation. But you can do good things with it if the set up is right. E.g.: you can satisfy your greed (get paid lots) only by doing things that benefit the whole community - like being a great surgeon, scientist, artist etc.

On a different note, if you are in Australia and/or an Aussie (broadly speaking), you should think about joining #TeamAustralia (if you haven't already).

yeah thats a good way to look at it. yeah someone put me on to teamaustralia the other day still only get like 1 upvote lol. maybe there is to much crypto stuff on steemit already. thanks for that tho :)

Thanks for that mate. you weren't lieing about the process, im just confused now, what the hell is discord no idea how to use it. any way if choogirl gets back to me hopefully ill be a member :)

Discord just hosts a bunch of chat channels, I barely used it before I joined - you'll figure it out.

Early adopters and large investors should be rewarded for their risks. Anyone can succeed here with hard work. Of course you will need to do more work. A higher class of wealth will be inherent in any system that embodies freedom of choice.

Absolutely. But is there a point past which the uneven spread of wealth that benefits early adopters and or large investors is either morally unjustifiable or just plan bad for the network?

Ah freedom! What kind of freedom though? In one sense, you and I are just as free as @jerrybanfield or @sweetsssj or @dan - which is something I truly appreciate and treasure. But there's a very real sense in which you and I are not; there are lots of actions that they are free to take, that even someone as successful as you does not have access to.

For the record, I'm not against economic inequality in an absolute sense, but I don't give it a free pass. If inequality isn't helping the least fortunate, then it really is just the rich making themselves richer. Will Steem make trickle-down economics work, possibly for the first time in human history? Time will tell.

I don't have an answer to any of these issues (yet). But as someone who is in the business of thinking about questions of ethical value, it's apparent to me that most people are not thinking very clearly about this.

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