Upvote Beggers Are Everywhere

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What's happening ,In most of the blogs you have people begging for votes!
"i upvote yours you do mine to , ok?"

Is that only comment that you come up to ? Man spend 30 minutes to type that shit and your comment is that



kabhi nahi sudhrenge ye log

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Do not open links from users you do not trust. Do not provide your private keys to any third party websites.

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Begging for votes is the same as begging for subscribers. Both of these things are wrong and people should not do that. My advice is to put your work in Steemit-DTube and let the people decide.
Don’t beg for votes don’t beg for subscribers.

yes most of the new comers in steemit doing this blindly

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thanks drotto keep voting

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Even for newbies like me, those upvote beggars are a nuisance. You are like "hey, I got a reaction to my post, yay!" Then it turns out to be someone who did not even take the trouble to read your post. Even no reaction is netter than such one.

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