Should steemit be taken as a quick money making website ?

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Thanx @teannepal for organizing such contest and providing us a platform to express ourself. these types of contest will help us in the development of our writing skills.

Should steemit be taken as a quick money making website?
my answer will be biggest NO!!!!
for every opinion there must be a reason to support the opinion. so I should present why steemit shouldn't be taken as quick money making website?

It should not be taken as a quick money making a website because steemit is a social networking site where we will build link, gain some faith of the public. we will slowly grow here. steemit is a greatest social media where we can learn. earning is a secondary part of steemit. the first goal of steemit must be blogging and only earning.
if we start to make good public relation and got much link to people, we will be earning much.

let me give an example here . if we have 500 best public relationship , i am sure among 500 people 250 will give upvote . but if we kept spamming the steemit community we will never get good circle of people. we cant grow in steemit community . this will ultimately lead to lower earning
this is why steemit should not be considered as quick money making website


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