YOUR Tour of All Access Passes! Day 8

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THIS pass falls into the category of:
We're going to learn an amazing NLP Technique today!


One that is somewhat associated with the All Access passes of events that escape my memory's recollection...

Like this one.

Great feelings are associated with these passes, and wonderful sensations have been anchored to them, though without any conscious memory of the event.

Which segues into:

YOUR new psychological technique you can use to super-charge your life! 😀

The technique is called Anchoring.

We all have this phenomena affecting our lives whether we realize it or not...

Today you're going to learn:

  1. What Anchoring is,
  2. How it affects you,
  3. How to intentionally implement its powerful effects!


We all look forward to eating.


The activity is anchored with the feeling of satisfaction, of filling a need, of ending the pain of being hungry.
Like Pavlov's dog, we have a physical response to external cues.

This also works for negative consequential experiences we know are coming:

  • Wake up late and know that traffic is going to be bad,
  • Before going outside into really cold weather,
  • Your boss's boss will be visiting your work place tomorrow and he/she is not very nice to you

Those soon-to-come-experiences of unpleasantness set you up physically for the coming physical or psychological pain.

Your posture becomes hunched (protective), you may get very angry (you can ONLY be angry at yourself, by the way - more on that later), and you likely feel smaller: A protective mechanism to minimize the amount of you exposed to the traumatic stimuli.


Through you, yourself being Pavlov;
with YOU as the experimental subject. Here's how:

Take your non-dominant hand 🤚

In my case, it's my left:


You want to make this shape with your non-dominant hand:


Now, start breathing in through your nose, and out through your nose.

Make sure you are in a very quiet area with nothing to distract you.
No sounds, a quiet area.

Think back to the last time you felt incredibly powerful...
Breathing in through your nose, and out through your nose.

You are strong 💪, you're in control, everything is perfect. You are made of DIAMOND, invincible, and you are 50 feet tall. The world is YOUR domain. You are broadcasting healthy, powerful energy from every pore of your skin, like every atom in your body is full of unlimited light and energy; you are weightless, and you energize everything around you.

Breathing in through your nose, and out through your nose...

You are humming with power, more power than you have ever felt; you are unstoppable and the most positive influence on the world for miles around you.

It feels incredible, doesn't it?

Now, while you're feeling it, feel that amazing energy multiply TENFOLD!

Now KEEP that energy flowing strongly within you and around you, and you want to take your dominant hand, and pinch these areas on your non-dominant hand:

This X with your middle finger,

And this X with your thumb:

Another view, same X:

There is a nerve cluster in your palm (the median nerve) which branches out to your fingers.
This is the nerve you are manipulating with your thumb.

The radial nerve is on the top of your hand, which your index finger is lighting up.

Feel around the areas, pinching all the while, and you'll find them. You only need to pinch as hard as necessary to trigger the nerve, stay comfortable while doing it.

The one triggered by your thumb is the most important.

You are Anchoring how amazing you feel to this self-imposed external stimuli. Please repeat these steps several times.

Remember: Repeat the exercise, several times, amping yourself up to feel the best you've ever felt in your LIFE, and then manipulate these two nerve bundles with your pinching thumb and middle finger, like you're gently trying to touch them, with your non-dominant hand in between.

You are Anchoring the nerve trigger to feeling incredibly positive and powerful.

Now wait a few hours.

Maybe you want to set the alarm on your phone for three hours from now, and squeeze those nerves again;

You will instantaneously be shot back to that state of feeling invincible and powerful!

A very useful technique to quickly bring yourself to your most positive and powerful state before:

  • Walking into work
  • Joining a party
  • Meeting someone for a date
  • Giving a presentation to a group
  • Greeting friends

Wherever you want to present your absolute best self, you can pinch your hand (in public) without anyone recognizing what you're doing to

I've studied NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) for over a decade; there is so much more to share with you...

Coming soon!

Some of the NLP books in my library:




Be your absolute best as often as possible, and you will come to find that the world tends to reciprocate.


Have an awesome day Steemit!

@scan0017 😘


Good post.Thanks for sharing it

well i am in a bit hurry so i will readi t later keep it up man .. i will restreem it

He is a good man ! :) Thank you so much for sharing :))) @scan0017

We enjoy pleasant and happy feelings with a positive attitude. This brings brilliance, more energy and happiness to the eyes. Our whole being is filled with good will, happiness and success. Even our health is positively affected. Thanks for sharing this beautiful @ scan0017 Upvoted and resteemed

thanks for sharing a blog..I like your writing. I read your creative writing regularly.

thank you cool man!yaah learn an amazing NLP Technique tday ! keep aware us from different technique !
thanks !

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I envy the good friend @scan0017. take me hahahaha

hello @scan0017 very good your publication to the point that until a lesson you have left us upvote and resteem

This really does work. I won't say I'm feeling all positive and upbeat but I'm definitely feeling a lot better.
Thanks for sharing this

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This Anchoring method worked ,by using this technique I feel very powerful, your are awesome @scan0017.
Please share more about this NLP Techniques . I loved to learn new NLP techniques, Upvoted and Resteemed this post.

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Well that's an amazing trick to play with your mind, that's only our mind that creates huge fuss, will definitely use it whenever i feel down... Nice information

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Thanks for sharing this post, i appreciate your blog.

I find the topic of anchors very interesting since this allows us to develop the capacity, change our mood to a more powerful or more appropriate one, which will allow us to perform an activity in a better way or face any life situation with greater positivity. I would like to put it into practice and know a little more about him.

Lovely ..

Resteemed and upvoted .....

Always make us feel better ...
I will be doing the exercises and for sure will make my life free and happy ever after

This is a really great trick..
I found this a while back, and whenever I'm nervous or don't feel good, I try this and it has helped me on occasions.
Maybe it's my mind playing tricks but who cares as far as I'm feeling good.
one question though
How hard do I have to pinch for this to work?

how strange picture.
thanks for sharing.

An anchoring could be any stimulus that could cause a mental state in someone.

Many people when they hear certain specific songs feel identified or feel that it affects them in some way every time they hear them. This usually happens on some occasions, perhaps, because while they were listening to this song they experienced some important situation or something surprising happened to them, like the first kiss, to have known the love of their life.

I envy the good friend @scan0017. take me hahahaha

It is very interesting technique and I heard it for the first time! Thanks for the valuable post, it will be beneficial for the readers :)

After reading this I first got confused what this is actually about!!
But then I red it again one or two times n I actually came to know what this thing is!!
Finally what I can tell u is that the way u explained it was simply amazing n I was not actually focussing on what u actually said!!
Then I gave it a try n it actually worked for me!!
As it was my first experience maybe some little mistakes in performing it but I could feel some sensation in my body!!
Thanks to u for sharing ur post with us allowing us to experience something new!!
Lastly I'll keep sharing it with my other mates!!!
Have a nice day ahead.

amazing writing man... really interesting...☺

It is true all the good that one in this world, the world returns and the bad too, that is why it is better to be good and help others, excellent publish me in my love and Psychology.

Upvote and resteem

It seems very good that technique, I will try it, sometimes after a long day of work I feel nervous, stressed ... I will put into practice this technique, Thanks @ scan0017 for this very informative post

we have to give life to the best of us so that she gives us back the best of her, helping each other is the best way, how good today I learned a technique that I think should be very effective. thank you friend for sharing.

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Beautiful post.thanks for sharing it us @ scan0017

You are Anchoring how amazing you feel to this self-imposed external stimuli. Please repeat these steps several times.

I've tried this, several years ago, in one of the PNL courses I took. It works amazingly well.

good post my friend.

My pleasure to you @scan0017. You introducing of Anchoring technique awesome and best to control ourselves.
Exactly better subsistence.
Up-Voted & Re-Steemed.

Today after see your post I learnt something from you. I've never heard before about amazing NLP Technique. But now knowledge better. Thanks @scan0017.

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