I Have Resigned from Steemit

in #steemitlast year (edited)

I have made the decision to resign from Steemit. I’m going to take a little time for myself, and use it to gather my thoughts and get some rest.

Edit: The post is a joke.


I've resigned from Steemit also and so has my wife.

Another one bites the dust

That makes you person number five, right?

Be strong, you choose the right path...

I chose the right path - in 2018. Keepo

Lol. I know!!

Sending you good vibes. Thank you and respect

The post is a joke, and now I feel awful lol.

Damn, well you got me so the vote stands 🤣😂

Everyone will resign at Steemit?
Edit: I see now that this post is a joke. :D

I resigned from steemit also, I went to work for steempeak. Though i do occasionally check-in with my ex co-workers.

thanks and good job..... lol

Thanks, dude, but the post is a joke, I feel terrible now that people were taking it seriously haha. Not that I post or use the site much anyway, but that was the joke.

yep knew that. you made me laugh thanks

This was a good one :D