Remember When You All Turned Your Back on Me and Told Me I Was Too Negative When I Talked Shit About Ned?

in #steemitlast year

I do.


This post should have been tagged #self-aggrandizement. Just because you can.

When it comes to steemit you are basically a prophet at this point

From a total outsider, it was obvious to me that this site was a capitalist fiefdom while talking about something it had no intention of walking.Saying that a free-market made this place what it is...well, that's absurd.
I still maintain that a model like this could solve many financial problems down the road but the top of the food chain would need not be pathological, and from my view, they are and the status-quo of predation economics will remain to the bitter end.

Did i tell you that you were too negative? If i did, i am sorry.

It was always more about, which way will Ned squish out.

Any type of monetary system os going to end badly for everyone that's not at the top of the pyramid. until it crashes that is. and boy history has a way of telling us it will crash. and steem/stinc/tron-g is of no exception.


Oh I never remember the time when you were negative.

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