Removed All My Witness Votes

in #steemitlast year (edited)

It was most likely nothing personal. Some people I was voting for I actually liked. It's just really hard for me right now to pick sides, and to see who's telling the truth, who's bullshitting, who has a secret agenda... Basically impossible to trust anyone right now. So I did the fair thing and just removed all my votes.

I also have this natural urge to say "No" when people tell me what to do, and right now, most of the big shots are telling me to vote for witnesses.

So, like.


I may add some back in after some careful consideration, but idk.



Same here.

Nice, dude. And don't be mistaken: the witnesses aren't some saints who are selflessly looking to cure cancer or shit like that. Everyone has an agenda. And it sure as hell isn't stuff like "Holy blockchain principles and decentralization" that they preach lol.

That said, I don't see a reason to trust Justin, either. Hell, I guess I just kinda don't like anybody around here lol.

Agree. I would just add that usually, the ones with the tiniest wallets are the loudest.

Not so sure about that when perhaps the largest publicly known investor on Steem @theycallmedan has been the loudest both on and off Steem.

Blocktrades has also made his points very clear.

I read most of the post and I'm well aware. The point was about the different agendas.
The last one you're mentioned probably is not interested in steem to be added to any new exchange. Some daaps would like to cooperate with Tron., and so on.
Just repeating the same story what's happened without propositions and negotiations will not bring any progress. What's your vision? Who gonna fund all development and marketing, servers? Blocktrades, Theycallmedan?
Steemit had a couple of full-time devs I guess.
But please, don't start SPS. That's pocket change.

My vision is a open and transparent web where anyone can be a part and own a part.

On a higher level, there are really just 3 key pillars in Steem that are essential to enable this, all else are technical features to complement or support it:

• A transparent and immutable open ledger with social features and with social names rather than 20 number letters.
• Personal ownership and control over one's own accounts, content, and communities.
• Complemented with a fast, feeless and programmable currency that enables people to do business directly P2P without a middle-man and where sponsors/advertisers can have more direct relationships with the creators/communities they support resulting in both getting more out of it.

I wish we focused more on building with these foundations to enable a more traditional platform economy to exist. Rather than doubling down on proof of brain and inflation-based rewards as if we had already demonstrated it to work (yey SMTs).

As for dev funding, there are certainly stakeholders that stand to gain a lot from being the larger stakeholders on a potential new chain. People who were even offered to buy Steemit Inc at various points in time which is now public knowledge. To what extent they're willing to hire or fund the previous Steemit Inc devs is their question to answer.

That said, I know most of those who left in person and as good friends and know that they are still working on their own projects for Steem. I'll leave it to them to make any further announcements as to what exactly that'll be.

I've been away for so long, I'm just like who the fuck even is Theycallmedan lol.

@gtg is legit.

Never liked him.

Like usual, a pretty fair stance taken by you. I don't like the idea of Justin taking over this place, and I tend to trust the community of witnesses more than the guy who comes in and tries to take over the whole place. I'm keeping my witness votes for now, because I just don't want justin to gain full control.

I know so little of what's going on tbh. What's the worst thing that could happen if Justin "took over"? Not like Steemit has had any buzz in years. It wasn't exactly going anywhere. But like I said, the dude may be a scammy dirtbag for all I know, I legit have no idea.

But this is crypto. People lie and try to make money however they can. That's the gist of the entire sphere.

The worst thing? Steem dies as a badly implemented "merger" with the tron chain, where all governance is dominated by one entity.

It's already dead.

You ever stop to take a breath of fresh air or are you genuinely sustained by cynicism?

Don't vote for us.

I can assure you, I won't.

Same, I need to start seeing a concrete path being laid for forward progress that I can get behind. This has yet to happen.

I want to vote for something, not against someone.

Yea, I feel ya.

I’m not sure how it’s hard to see...

By not really keeping tabs on this place anymore.

Don't feel bad about it, I've also been strongly conflicted so you're not alone. I'm pretty much just doing that except two friends I trust who aren't in contention of the top positions anyway.

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