Those of You in the Steemit Elite: Why Don't You Just Post Blank Posts?

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This post by the wise owl @ocrdu got me thinking.

And yes, I've been thinking about this ever since I joined in the summer of 2016.

If you're in the Steemit elite - and what I mean by this is people who make triple digits on autovotes - why don't you just post empty, blank posts?

Just open the page, click "post" and have that be that.

You'd save yourself so much time, trouble, and energy. All of your votes are automatic anyway. No one votes for the content, they autovote people. Either people who have enough SP that it's a "I'll scratch your back, you'll scratch my back" sort of deal, or people who have provided oral sex in some other ways.

One or the other.

The view counter was recently removed because of the discrepancy between the number of votes and the actual views that posts were getting. I guess because it exposed this place as the joke that it is.

Sure, a lot of the top trenders were using a Chrome extension to inflate the view counter, so it wasn't the most reliable thing, but it still told a pretty striking tale when one really had a look.

So, I ask you. Whale. Or an otherwise popular poster, whatever.

Why don't you just post a blank post?

We all know none of you give a fuck about the place. That's no secret. So don't give me that whole "Oh, I care about my readers, I want to provide quality contentaadwsdfwsefsdfjsdfns" blahblahblahblahgaaaah.


Is it that you're dense?

Do you lack a social life or things to do so spending time to craft posts on Steemit is actually the best use of your time?

What is it?

If you haven't quite caught on yet, my point is this:

  • The meaningful, actually meaningful, votes on the platform are automatic.
  • The only way to "make it" on Steemit is to get on those autovote lists.
  • Unless you do, nothing you do matters because every single thing you post just gets buried underneath all the shit in five minutes.
  • People who are on autovotes can do whatever they want.
  • People who autovote do it BECAUSE they're too damn lazy to read anything.
  • Hence it's pointless to keep up the facade that this place has anything to do with the content because the meaningful votes come from people who don't even care enough to read. Hell, you can write "The holocaust" was awesome, and it won't change anything.
  • The entire place could be automated. Just make a bot post blank posts on the site. All the same autovoters will give you the exact same amount of money. All the same sycophants looking for upvotes will leave you all the same unimaginative comments. Everything will be exactly the same. It's just that you, elite Steemian, can save a lot of time and energy.

If you can make the exact same amount of money by going to work or by taking a day off, why would you go to work?

Your content doesn't matter.




If it's all going to be automated, I'd at least like some fucking entertainment. Like copy-pasta garbage run through the "Sweedish Chef filter" on Google, or something.

If I'm going to be the only effing person left who actually reads around here, I at least want to be laughing.

That way my insanity will at least have a reason.

Haha. A few of us still read. Not many, but a few. :)

I don't know whether to laugh at the truly tragic state of affairs that you've mentioned or feel disheartened. But yeah, i can't disagree with what you've written. On most of the triple digit moolah posts I've seen, i only see copy paste and i see 20 people writing the same stuff. Or its something as absurd as one random photograph or health benefits of some fruit. 90% of the content is crap.

I've tried posting thoughtful original content, articles that are copy paste but the only upvote my articles see is my own. Comments have definitely been positive. I've taken time to find people who are ready to engage on an actually decent article. It takes a lot of time to find gems here and then get them to like (vote) my comments.

And irony just died a 1000 deaths, after it saw the first comment on your post.

I agree, but I would have started with this...

Dear Shit-Posting Steem Elite - Would You Kindly Just Post Blank Posts....

We're powerless to prevent you getting paid for nothing, but you could at least stop bloating our database.

I wouldn't have ended with an apology.

Haha, that's actually a very good point. They could at least be mindful of the chain, which is already getting laggy. Does anyone care? No. No one cares. No one cares about ANYTHING BUT THEIR OWN GODDAMN FUCKING SHORT TERM GAIN!

Fucking morons have to ruin everything.

Sorry for the venting.

I have noticed the lagginess yes.

No need to apologize about the rant.

Shit takes forever to show up on steemd, for example.

I totally agree...
I know that those whales should get the passive income they deserve, but most of the posts from them are actually not informative at all.

I do not know if the system is more oligarchic or absolutist but it looks quite undone, do you think it has no future or solution?

Be sure to include an image!

There you go.

I disagree with your first bullet - the meaningful, actually meaningful votes come from people that actually read the contents of posts and interact with the community, regardless of their Steemit status. If rewards are your be-all, end-all, then it may be true that the whales are the only ones that matter. But I don't see this platform in that way, and I know many share this outlook. Great post however, I agree with your sentiment entirely. Would be funny to see a whale take up your offer, see how long they can post blank posts until they get blacklisted

Meaningful on a personal level, of course. I agree. But I meant meaningful as in dictating who's who on this platform.

Oh sure, sure! It's true. Meaningful as in 'what do newcomers see when they click the trending page for the first time?'. I get you :)

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How would this work on a blank post? :thinking:

I'm a Steemit pollyana, and I stay away from anything not awesome about Steemit 90% of the time, but I had to read this, and it's true. ha.

The complacent entitled autovoted folks are either going to be the death of Steemit or will themselves be decimated once the mainstream creators come onboard with their SEO and marketing games. Most people here (sadly me included) don't stand a chance against the other writers out there on overdrive 24/7.

I can't care less about the autovoted or what they're "making" on hte short term... I wanna make sure im still here in 4 years developing my skills, even if it sucks now.

Your content doesn’t matter.

It does, as long as you’re deluded enough to believe you’re going to make it - while the milkers keep milking the platform and raping the distribution by the mega share of SP used by bidbots every day.

As long as you’re blind enough not to see... keep grafting and work at your content.

Do you lack a social life or things to do so spending time to craft posts on Steemit is actually the best use of your time?

I guess I do!

Thanks for sharing - I am quite disheartened. I was away for many months and now that I have eagerly returned and encouraging others to join - this is not great news. I am not sure what my strategy should be anymore. I do read posts even if no one reads mine but I am hoping things get better as not all of us are whales or use autovoters. I do notice that some people receive votes no matter what they share but I had put that down to a loyal following. I am trying to stay hopeful and positive.

They could set up a Blank Post Community with their own Easy Money Token. I hear the necessary tools will be available Real Soon Now.

Not before an Announcement Post for Necessary Tools that is going to be upvoted by every single whale on the platform to 10k.

Then, it’s going to be delayed for long enough that a second Announcement Post is made with the same result.

Then, the original dev abandons the project, powers down, and hands the project to someone else.

After two years, the project moves forward.

If u autovote on blank posts - cheetah and steemcleaners will come after u. Automation is a double edged sword

Hey, but what a good quality post he has made, he continues to make good posts for Steemit users, you have my great support in your posts, Regards

See, everybody? This guy gets it. He just has an automated bot running around spewing bullshit with no input, time, or effort on his part.

He's a smart guy.

Probably doing cocaine and fucking a hooker right now while we're sitting here on this damn site.

Learn from him.

You're damn right. He'll soon be millionaire... Love your point anyway, as often... When I see what some posts are earning I just want to cry...


Nah, don't cry over Steemit, dude.