Proper Tag Usage On Steem

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In this video I just share my experience with getting my first major flag for using the wrong tag on my posts. This is something to be aware of so you don't accidentally end up getting flagged too. Make sure you use very relevant tags. Unlike regular social, proper tag usage is somewhat community moderated and is generally one of the smallest offenses, but one nonetheless. I was unaware of this for a very long time, but know I know and so do you.

This is the blog I previously did about tags being informational:

Now it's a step further in moderation of tags.

Repping my @Dtube hat!

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Yeah man I'll email you tonight, we an also do something in person at Steem creators in September too

Love the info but man that background music is super annoying.

lol sorry, but it's my jam. I'll make them a little bit more quiet

Love the info but
Man that background music is
Super annoying.

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I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

ahhh dtube freezez on me when i comment and my comment doesnt end up posted ahhhh!
on topic, i hope this doesnt happen to me.

struggles lol, and yeah just ensure your tags are all relevant

I also read your other post, more tag allowance will certainly help me tag all the relevant tags

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Yeah I definitely think so too! Thanks for really diving in :)

Thanks for the info, I am new and still learning.

Cheers! I have many tutorials and tons of useful content to help a newer steemer :)

I will have to check this out cuz I went in dry and blind today and really barely accomplished anything.. Other than I made a blog about some random family stuff and one how my day one steeming went... Whi h could have went better lol... But lesson learned new goals tomorrow

Derp derp derp

Lol glad you're just diving in, do, learn, repeat :) Loled at your random derp derp

Yeah lots to Learn here and I'm very new... But I'm loving it, catching on to the do's and don'ts and what is possible. Pretty amazing to be able to have the power of this platform. The community and just the freedom potential of ones own creativity. Can't wait to see where this all goes.

Yeah I'm really excited for the future too! Can't wait!

Get inspire with the way you promote and engage with he community especially the weekly give away method. I been flag before too by using the wrong tag. Tag really need different from steemit here to others social media platform

Thanks so much and so sorry to hear about that experience. Hopefully we standardize it a bit

Yeah, I take it as a learning and a chance to improve. Is good that steemit here have a standardize t&c. It will added value to the steemit community.

Yes that would help, but these rules are made up and enforced at random atm because it's community moderated

I see. @scottcbusiness as u have been here sometime, can you help me to have a look with my daily commentary post hashtag and an advise is appreciate whether im using the correct hashtag to my daily post.

Looks good to me my friend!

Great, in the case in continue to build good content in those tag :-)

Awesome, yes just be wary of proper tagging

count me in for giveaway

have a question about that : when I write about a review of a game then you write gaming review and 3 more... what 3 more should be? there are none i think XD

the actual game name itself, the system it was on (xbox gaming, pc gaming), review, blog, vlog if you recorded a video. You know?

just write with my own hand but "xbox gaming" or "pc gaming" that tags don't exist in steemit no?

You just got to explore a little bit. So like "pcgaming" and "pcgamer" are tags that exist. Also a tag always exists, it just might not be popular or have been posted on yet in awhile or yet at all.

I check alphabetical the full list of tags and you can't find "pc" or "pcgaming" should be between "painting" and "people" but isn't...

You should be able to just navigate to the tag and see what's there and go off that

There are a few tags that don't exist - fun things happen when you try to make your first tag "new" for instance - but yes, for most the problem is in Steemit's listing, not in the tags themselves.

You're very right. We've seen busy for example use more tags

@scottcbusiness Great video post. Appreciate your effort. I supported 100% upvoted and resteemed.

Hey thanks I really appreciate the support

Very good contribution, thanks

Cheers, thanks for the gratitude :)

Hmm I often put community tags so the communities see the content.. is that also bad?

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Like if you write for #kr it would make sense to use that tag.

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very good job sir i had follow you sir

Ey nice! Cheers

nice one! thx

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