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RE: On giving the gift of steemit to your friends and colleagues.

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Thanks @akrid for writing this article. It will really help a lot. I am actually a promoter of steemit and i do it just because I love steemit and i want as many people to join as earn something for their ideas. But sometimes, I do get negative answer and it do worry me 'cus I am always thinking why are these people not seeing what i am seeing? Now I know what kind of people to approach. Not some random ones that are not even ready to give out their effort for their own benefit. But I will still be talking to those that don't know much about crypto and it related because i believe steem will make more people to learn about cryptocurrencies. Some people have the passion inside but on less they see a push they won't be able to move.


Thanks for your kind workds @seyiodus, I'm glad this helps you promote steemit.
One day it may be as popular as facebook and everyone who gave you a negative answer will regret it xD
For now look for those people with the passion inside :)

You are right. i will do that and by the time we take steemit to the moon, I won't be looking for them but they will be looking for me.