Minnow Booster Day Being Introduced! [Sunday Minnow Day]

in #steemit4 years ago

Starting this first week of 2018 we have a new policy for voting, every Sunday for 24 hours, EVERY Caster that is over the Fractional Voting Level (FVL), which is currently set at 1250 SP, will ONLY vote posts from members who are BELOW the FVL! This means every week good minnows will have an entire day dedicated to their posts from the dolphins/whales that are part of this pool!

We hope this will really open up a great opportunity to even more fairly allocate votes to all GOOD steemians!

Think of it this way. We do not charge for our service. So how do we avoid abuse? Well we TAKE votes from you in the beginning (cost) while we monitor your behavior. As we see how you perform ORGANICALLY on steemit that either increases or decreases your Shadow Rank (your priority in the pool of posts to up vote). Those who want to sign up and abuse us land up GIVING up votes to the big fish who over all make this system possible while those who sign up and are good steemians move up in the ranks and get back more over TIME than they could give! This isn't a get rich quick scheme! We are a community! We work together and grow and learn over many months, years even! I hope this makes things more clear!

This will ensure those who do contribute to steemit AND ShadowBot get a much more fair system!

Thanks again everyone!

For more information on ShadowBot:

Latest Release: https://steemit.com/steemit/@shadowbot/shadowbot-100-days-on-steemit-welcome-to-tartarus-shadowbot

Explaining the system: https://steemit.com/steemit/@shadowbot/explaining-the-shadowbot-system

FAQ: https://shadowbot.us/shadowbot/faq.php

Signup: https://shadowbot.us/shadowbot/signup.php


Another good decision from you @shadowbot :) You rock \m/

this post very nice,....steemit is a great social network....

Thank you so much @shadowbot. This way votes will be distributed evenly to those who work hard and encourage others to do so

How cool is that! Shadowbot is ricking it again! It's Party Time!

Shadowbot better president than trump.

Sounds like a great idea to me, and a great way to show the minnows they can get a leg up!

Wow, it's fantastic! I can see that we are going to the moon together this year!! Happy new year @shadowbot!

Thank you @shadowbot I hope the system will favour me.

Thanks for the post.


It seems I'm being kicked off Facebook, so steemit will be my only social media. Fuck Facebook, I'm done with their crap.

That said, it should present a good opportunity to grow my presence here and increase the quality of my posting :)

That's nice way. Nice to be part of this community.

Sweet! Thanks so much for thinking of the little guys :-)