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Whatta Match it was
Its was Kohlis Brilliance from Day 1 to Day 3 .... A runout on day 1 then a 100 on day 2 and now leading from the front on Day 3
First With the Direct hit getting the Rid of Rival Captain ... followed by one man show in the batting...
If England is to win they have to get him out tomorrow in the morning session and India wining depends completely on their Captains knock.
Kohi has played more balls in the first then total in 2014 tour..
The match is evenly Poised ... who is going to win.. Kohli's brilliance or the 20-year-old Sam Curran's Heroics with Bat and ball....england-v-india-first-test_c7cfa76a-9671-11e8-bd6f-c32900bc590c.jpg

Day 4 and Kohlli cudnt finish it. Some great Bowling by England with some exceptional bowling by Stokes. He faiIed with the bat but was so Impressive when he had baII i his hand

Next moving tO LORDS

my Pst on scorum

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