Hey, Whales! You are a Selfish Gang!

in #steemit7 months ago

I am not even going to elaborate. If YOU are too stupid to see that Whales siphon your hard work, then you deserve to have your hard work taken from you for their benefit. Moron.

IF the whales are too stupid to see what they are doing, they deserve every bad thing that is about to happen to them. Why should I care about a bunch of fat, worthless, McDonald's humping slobs? Fuck you. Die. You're gonna get cancer, I promise!

Go ahead, DOWNVOTE ME.

I am unaffected, because I am not allowed to access my own crypto anyway. Why? Because I told you fat, consumer slobs the truth? Nah, fuck you. Die. You're gonna get cancer, I promise.

Message to Harry Manback was the most honest piece of music created. Thank you, Tool.

Did I mention, FUCK YOU and FUCK YOUR FALSE VALUE SYSTEM? The RBE is the only way to fly. Why should I spell it out for people too dumb to get it? Go research RBE yourself, you fat retards.

Pyramid scheme much, you fat, useless whales?


You stole my blood, sweat, and tears by not letting me access the crytpo CRAP I earned over 3 years!

I hope you choke on it. Thieves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My work is my work and my own, you don't deserve even the slightest cut of the jib, because you have done NOTHING to earn it. You're a lazy bunch of fat fagats who hump eachother for profit.


Oh? You're a Steemit supporter who is blind as well? Well, fuck you too. You embrace blindness, it seeeeeeeeeeeems.

A friend of mine was murdered for 20k, because he ceased to be willing to cheat on his wife out of love.

I imagine the WHALES here probably subscribe to the same train of corrupted thought. Imagine that?

"Mrs. Blaileen, she's a 6th grade teacher....."-Primus

Blah blah blah, fuck you.

Are YOU sure you deserve the success you have achieved? FAT fucker who makes money off of cheap photo filters, I am looking YOUR way. Why the Whales favor you is beyond reasonable comprehension. I guess you are just barely gay enough for their "Boy's Club"?

Know what? FUCK YOU TOO.




are we at the point of entomology yet?


I was MURDERED in a past life for caring about Jews. Go figure.

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