I Am Looking For Someone to.....

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Receive all of the Steam and SP I possess. I will give it all to one lucky person or bot out there.
The only problem is, the option to "power down" no longer appears in my wallet.

Anyone know what is up with that???

And... don't try to convince me to stay. I pretty much despise all social media. It is a popularity contest where the stupidest among us win the money and attention. Like that girl on FB who had an art style similar to mine. I had a meek following. Her following was HUGE. Gee? I wonder why? Oh, because she films herself painting with the camera focused on her nearly perfect butt. Her butt probably makes more money than her art does.

Or, what about the that girl on FB who proclaimed to the world, "I awaken the love of a man in order to break his heart on purpose" which, know what? Lead to her having a huge following of men foaming at the mouth. SERIOUSLY? How sick can our species get?

Then there are all the artists who are NOT artists who make more money with crap in a day than a real artist does in a lifetime.

I could ramble on all day about it. It will fall on dear ears, however.

So, why should YOU be the one to receive my crypto??

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Nobody wants free crypto? I wish I could help you with your problem but, I am new to this platform. My option to Power Up or Power Down seem unscathed. Maybe you have a virus?

Oh, whatever you do, do not tell the truth on this platform. Nobody here can handle the truth and it will make you seem like an enemy.

I don't think I have to worry about that as I only intend to do posts that promote the games I make.

I have no idea how this platform works, either. All I know is Steemit is a gang. If you aren't good with the people at the top of the pyramid, you don't get support even if your talents are better than those who are in the gang. I've given up on this whole stupid thing. All Capitalism does is create hierarchy and ingroups. Most of the artists here are frauds.

They probably removed my ability to Power Up or Power Down to seize my assets. Not long ago, my account as only worth $27. Now, all of a sudden, it is worth $186 and I can't even access it. All my hard work for nothing.

I give up on Social Media. You have to be an arrogant shithead to get any love on any platform. 10 years of promoting art/music online and all I got was a few compliments.

Best of luck to you.

Sounds depressing....

Don't give up hope!

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