What Happened to Steemit? (Functions Disabled)

in #steemit8 months ago

I used to be able to go to check posts. There was a main thread then, to the left, there were catagories such as, art, music, vidoegames and such that I could click on then be taken to posts regarding that category. It seems that is no longer there?
How am I supposed to find posts I wanna see?
Why do they have to keep making changes to something that isn't broken? What is this, Wixsite???

Also, why am I no longer able to power up or power down? The options simply are not there in my wallet where they used to be? Is this another change that didn't need to be made? Is it something that "they" did, because my crypto is actually worth something and I want to do things with it?

This platform is hardly pure Capitalism if my assets were "seized" for being observant and truthful. If this is something the Whales did, shame on them. Everything they do benefits their self then shits all over the little people (and bots) who gave them such a status in the first place.

I want my crypto available to me so that I can give it to someone else who is deserving so I can get the fuck off the idiotic, self-serving, junk-filled platform of blind idiots who think that crypto will make the world a better place. Did money make the world better? No? Then how is crypto supposed to facilitate a better world?

It is easy to see the inequality generated by this Capitalist experiment. It is right in front of your face. They even gave it cute names like Whales and Minnows in a sad attempt to hide the true mechanic of Monetary Mechanics from you so you keep feeding the beast.

Also, whats with most of the posts being in Chinese now? The Whales gotta siphon their money as well?

Thanks to all of the people who didn't help with my last post. I guess you coudn't find it because you can't browse categories anymore???

Whatever. All social media is a shameless popularity contest. It is too bad that in order to win that contest, you have to be completely self-aborbed and devoid of talent.

What, I can't I add pics to this post?? Oh, I can but, I have to used the built-in Markdown thing now? Guess that is okay? Kind of makes the program I downloaded useless now, doesn't it??

My post doesn't need a pic anyway, it wouldn't get properly noticed regardless.

I want my Resource Based Economy so I can create without the monetary incentive holding me back.

Markdown is broken. The words on the right look different from the what I typed. There are extra spaces. Another broken tool. What else should I expect from the monetary system.

I guess I can't give anyone my crypto because of what has been done to me regarding the mechanics of this platform. Oh well, money just sitting there is good for the economy, right??

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