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Dear readers,

Edit: In this post I was complaining about the lag of communication and interaction regarding the ongoing #inktober challenge by @ocd on Steemit and Twitter.

There was also some delay in paying out the winners of day 8-10, which I misinterpreted.

I also missed the fineprint of the contest:

All the liquid rewards from every OCD post related to Inktober will be used for a final surprise at the end of the month, more info about that in a few days. All the Steem Power generated from the posts will go for the judging team, OCD won't keep any rewards from the posts. Ten percent (10%) of this post rewards will be donated to the Steem DAO.

After my questions have been answered in the comments and all the winning votes have been placed now, I decided to delete the original content of the post.

Thanks for reading and Steem on!


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Hello my friend, I really need to get in touch with you. It's for an amazing surprise regarding the Inktober event by @OCD :)

If you have discord, please contact me -> @anomadsoul #8455 or if you prefer email, please tell it to me so I can send you an message.

Either way, I hope you can reply this as soon as possible! 💪
Have a great day!

Instead of complaining and coming to rushed conclusions and speaking badly about OCD and ocdb, you should check all the previous posts (day 1-7) that won. All of them have a 40% vote from ocdb.

This sounds to me like you just wanted to complaint about something, because the votes are there to EVERY winner. Yeah, the ones from day 8-10 haven't been voted, because we were waiting to have 100% VP to reward them even more.

And for the self vote, if you had read the announcement post with more attention you'd have noticed that we are going to use the liquids for something very special while the other half goes for that judges that browse every day the tens of posts participating in inktober.

I like you as a steemian and this post comes as shocking since you usually don't do this kind of posts without being informed about everything.

Either way, congrats on winning one of the daily topics, the vote will come pretty soon.

Edit: I'm currently going through all the comps, and there is not one post we've missed that already paid out. So now, instead of waiting for the VP to go to 100% and maximize the votes for the authors, I'm just gonna go through them all and thus, rewarding less and less each author due to lower VP. I mean, it's that or risking getting criticized for something that is completely for the community, where OCD doesn't keep anything.

There we go, I fell kind of bad for the authors of day 10, because they got a 40% vote at 90% VP, lowering their overall rewards, instead of voting their post at 100%.


Another edit: feels very wrong that you took this way, especially about posts that hadn't even paid out and without looking at the previous compilations where we curated all the authors.

Thanks a lot for your reply! I tried my best to not sound offensive, but rather ask for explanations.

The thing is, that I see the initiative from the perspective of new artists coming over from twitter (or other social media). They certainly don't know anything about VP or liquid rewards and barely read the fine print.

They just see, that you make a post about the 'winning art', which gets a lot of rewards, while the artists not even get a fraction.

Sorry, that I didn't check all the other posts and the votes for the winners. On the other hand, you might agree, that it's at least a bit confusing, that you upvote your post upfront (which doesn't help getting 100% VP soon).

Sorry if it came rough this comment but I'm on cellphone and since we've met before and had conversations etc I let myself go. I hope this explained everything but I do stand by what I said, you could've saved the time making this post if you checked the vote history and where the rewards are going. We've literally done nothing wrong and these kind of posts hurt the image of OCD (when if we did something wrong we'd take the heat like men, but this time we haven't even done anything wrong).

The outside authors part you may be right, but we mad with very clear with big letters on the post and we hope they read the whole post.

Yeah, no problem. I appreciate plain language. You are probably right, that I should have researched more seriously, but I already spent the whole day trying to understand, what's going on. In particular, it was very confusing, that the first winner in this post received an upvote, while the others didn't.

Also, I would really appreciate a comment under the winning posts, explaining the thing ("Congrats, you will get an upvote") and maybe inviting them to join your discord, if they have questions. If I would have received such a comment, I certainly would have preferred asking over there before writing the post.

We're doing that, but once the post had paid out so it doesn't seem like we are promoting this to get votes, but more as a "congrats". Sometimes when you link someone to a post still in payout window might be taken as "go vote me, since I voted you" kinda thing . Thanks for all the feedback we'll definitely take it to get better and better at this. Have a great day!

Particularly as an artist I can say, that some honest feedback is often more worth than money. Especially in times, when other social media is often limited to likes and emojis.

Prooving, that the Steem community is not only for making money, but for getting to know cool people, might push it even further. You know: "We came for the money, but we stayed for the conversations."

Would be great, if your curators would keep that in mind.

There is definitely some mistake as the winners do receive a 40% vote or higher if they also retweet it (we don't do the tweeting) and aside from the first inktober post where the post rewards were forgotten to be placed in beneficiary but the liquids went out to the judges instead if you look at the rest of the inktober posts (hover over the post rewards) you will see that half is going to the judges and the other half is going towards an account meant for the end of the month. The judges are two art curators from ocd and 3 curators from CCC, so OCD is not profiting from this initiative.

Anyway, we will look into how those winners did not receive their upvote and make sure to fix it in one way or another. Thanks for the heads up.

Thanks a lot for the explanation. I'm really sorry, that I missed the fineprint.

I was expecting the whole thing being a way of onboarding new artists, because #inktober is getting a lot of impressions on twitter and the like. That's why I didn't understand, that you're not actively promoting the shared posts over there.

Also even if OCD isn't profiting from the thing, it just looks like you'd do (from the perspective of a potential new user). It's definitley confusing, that one artist from the post already received an upvote, while the other's did not. I definitley appreciate, that you look into this.

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