Steemit: A New Way for Publishers and Content creators to monetize content.

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Steemit is a social media application like Facebook, and you can find its webpage on the Internet here: As you know, people all over the world #upload pictures and other things on Facebook. But what you may not know, is that people all over the world also #upload pictures and other things on Steemit. Steemit is four years old, so it is younger the Facebook.

Picture Source

Social Media Terms


The stuff you upload on Facebook or Steemit, like pictures, poems, stories or anything else you upload is called #content.


People who take pictures, write poems or stories, make music or movies, are called #content-creators.


When you upload stuff on Steemit or Facebook, so that people can see it on your webpage it’s called publishing.


Some people who take pictures, write poems sell them through a publisher. The publishers help the content producers make money. The publishers get a percentage of the money.


This means to turn something into money, but it’s not an actual transformation of something into money, it means use it to make money. Content creators make content, and Steemit helps them earn money from the content they create.

Content Publisher or Content Publishing website

Steemit is also called a #content #publishing #site.

Steemit compared to Facebook:

But the big difference between Facebook and Steemit is that people provide pictures, writing and other #content to Facebook for free. On Steemit people can get paid for the same pictures and other stuff they upload on Facebook for free. The application Steemit is free just like Facebook. It is a webpage application, so you don’t have to download it to your phone or computer. You just go to the webpage, type in your user name and password and see your personal webpage just like Facebook.


But because you get paid on Steemit, you have a special page called a #wallet page where you see all the rewards you get for your pictures and stuff you upload.

Rewards, likes, upvotes, liking and upvoting.

There are many things on Steemit, you won’t find on Facebook. Steemit has #likes but they are called #upvotes. Instead of leaving a #like, you leave an #upvote. So instead of #liking a picture or post you #upvote it. The important thing about this is you receive a #payment or #reward for #upvotes. One of the most important of these is called rewards. The payment or #rewards for upvotes on Steemit are in cryptocurrency token called #Steem .

author and curation rewards

On Steemit #content creators who upload content like pictures, drawings, movies, music or other #content receive #rewards called #author rewards. They are considered the author of content they create. This includes writing, photography, music, movies or anything else you create yourself. The rewards are a cryptocurrency token like Bitcoin, but it’s a different cryptocurrency token called #Steem.




You have probably heard of Bitcoin, it is a form of digital money called a #cryptocurrency token. Steem is a cryptocurrency token like #Bitcoin.


Steem is like Bitcoin in that there are places where you can use your Steem like money to buy goods and services. But you can also trade your Steem for Dollars, Euros or other currencies on a special web page called a Cryptocurrency Exchange. You go there, sign up for an account, carefully send your Steem there, making sure both the currency your looking for and Steem are traded there, then you trade or #exchange your Steem for the desired currency.

The book-keeping or accounting system which keeps track of Steemit and Steem is called a #blockchain. You May have heard of a blockchain before. It’s a new way to track money, supplies, events and store information. It is different from any other form of accounting in that anyone who performs an action records their action themselves, and verifies it with a password called a #key. This updates the accounting book. Only you can enter your actions and verify them to be true. Your entries cannot be altered once you verify them. It makes the accounting very secure.

Proof of Brain


Proof of Brain

Proof of Brain is a cryptocurrency token reward system that encourages people to create content and encourages others to enjoy that content through a voting or like type system, which distributes these rewards both to content creators and those that enjoy their content. All the explanation above about content, content creators, upvotes, comments and rewards is to explain the way people earn money for things they create. Their brain is responsible for those creations. So on Steemit the reward system is called #Proof of Brain.


If you recall, I explained Proof of Brain is good system for content creators like writers and artists to #monetize or make money off their content.

Build or Monetize your community

If you are a blogger or publisher or YouTuber you can build a second stream of income for you and your followers here. As the publish,upvote, comment and reward system makes it easy to provide content, interact with your followers and to both receive and give rewards to your followers. This is a win-win system, where your followers support your blog or content with upvotes and the reward system rewards your followers also, with no effort from you.




Focus on.jpeg

Steemit and Steem utilize a cryptocurrency and the blockchain, but the system hides all those complicated aspects and allows you to concentrate on making content, interacting with your followers and building your network. No special computer coding knowledge is needed, and other then creating content and interacting with your followers through commenting and upvoting comments, your focus can be on your passion, be it content creation, social interactions and networking or publishing.

Steemit Communities


I think that’s enough talking. I think now you should go to and look around. You will find many types of content from writing, pictures, drawing and these are organized by interest. On Steemit people who like the same stuff join Communities, so they can find lots of posts about stuff they like. For example there is a community called Flower pictures and nature. It has about 800 members and they like posting pictures about flowers and interesting pictures of nature. When you join a community you instantly have friends who like the same stuff. Plus when you publish something everyone in that community gets to see it, and upvote it, so you get some recognition, comments about your picture and upvotes or rewards. It’s a very good feeling.


Newcommers Community


If you decide to join, you can join the Newcommers community, where there are articles which teach you all about the Steemit application, and real people you can write to and ask questions. There are a couple hundred communities, in many countries and many languages covering the Americas, Pacific, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Steemit is around the world



Welcome to Steemit, come in and look around.





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