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Well its been 5 days since the HF21. Things seem to have gone with little to no problems. Right? Well I guess that depends on the steemian.

For the powerful elite of steemit, it was a pretty good fork. For everyone else it was yet another blow to the gut.


Now maybe it is my perception and maybe I should have done a little more home work. Not that it would have changed anything other than given me a clearer vision before the FORK. Let me explain a couple of things that I have found out.

Maximum vote time.

  • Well we were 1st told that the vote window was going to change from 15 mins to 1 min. This was not true, they actual window is 5 mins. Why was this even changed? Maybe the elite didn't want to wait around the extra 10 mins to vote?


  • Now this is where it gets a little tricky. You see no steem based app is the same, steemnow will show you one thing, steemworld will show something different, and steemd, well you guessed it, shows something different as well. Why is this? Well brace yourself cause the rabbit hole is deep. You see your steem power is not worth what is was before the HF 21. The current rewards is set up on a 20 steem payout. Meaning that the only way for you to recieve maximum vote vlaue is to have a post that is valued at 20 steem or more. This is way to advance for me to explain how or why they would do this. Maybe it was to keep the abuse down, maybe it was a way to get steemians to power up more. Or maybe it was just away to keep the elite small and powerful.



  • You have always known it to be 75%-25% meaning the author would get 75% of the rewards and the curators would get 25%. Well Now its 50%-50%. Now for the small curators you probably wont be able to tell a difference but to you elites, big payday for all of you. For the autors this will hurt you the most, unless you have some elite friends. Either way this change has diffently been made to benefit the curator's.


  • I get it but don't. I mean yes there are steemians that abuse the rewards pool. There are also steemians that do not get rewarded enough. One of the great things about steemit is you are free to do, say, post, curate what ever you want. For some the new downvote pool will be abused. A lot of steemians say this was for bid bot users and to control steemians from promoting shitpost. Some steemians use bid bots on quality post. You see we already have steemians downvoting every post that uses a bidbot, they dont actually read your post and make a conscious decision to downvote, nope its just because you used a bidbot.

Now those 4 where not the only changes, but they are amoung the changes that will affect you and I.

Wanna be an elite, well you will need atleast 500,000 steem power. Just give it sometime at this rate we will all beable to become steemit elites. A year ago 500,000 steem power would have cost you $520,000, Right now you can be an elite for $80,000.

For all you curators out there, this post will use a bid bot, either like it or downvote it! Either way I am gonna keep hammering along.

M. Make

S. Steemit

G. Great

A. Again

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At least we can post again. The new rewards do suck. I don't understand why they keep doing this stuff. Are they trying to kill steem? I keep telling myself to power up my account, but I'm not sure they are doing what's best for the user. Only time will tell I suppose.

I will continue posting, even receiving less than I used to receive, and I will use @ocdb and @tipu to reach this threshold of 20 steems.
I was even downvoted by an account that only downvotes articles that use bidbots...

Is it called @ ctime?? I think its a curation trail set up by people that wanted hf21 implemented to stop bid bots. I've been down voted by them too

Yes, this same bot. They downvote everybody that use bid bots, including @ocdb.

Got DV'd by the same along with some other @ dicetime. What's this place coming to?

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Steem is fucked now, that is my conclusion. And of course the fork was for the elites. Atleast we get to autovote then the elite accounts, atleast upvotes cant be stopped lol

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I dont think its possible to make Steem great again at this point. I got a message from Tipu saying I needex to get the post over 40 Steem to get a max payout. WTF????

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