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RE: Is The Appics ICO Worth Investing In?!?!

in #steemit4 years ago

Well Steepshot is already an Instagram replacement that runs on the steem blockchain and pays out in steem.
I use it. It should solve any photo issues you are having. So I don’t know why they are trying to do another one.

From what you stated this seems like they are trying to position themselves as a SMT. The issue is SMT’s are not live yet.
Therefore this seems like a ton of hype for another pump and dump ICO.

I would run away.


Nice, Im going to check out Steepshot. I also just learned that they are requiring a 5k minimum purchase for the (A) round or first round of the ICO then round (B) It will be cut in half and so on. I have never heard of anyone doing that before but it looks like if I want to invest I will have to wait a few rounds. I suspect your right about the P&D mostly because so few people are talking about it anywhere. Thanks for you comment.