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RE: The long-awaited "International Steemit Music Video"

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@KennyRoy this came out amazingly well! Great work, and I'm thrilled to have been a part of it with these other great steemians!

Excellent video edit, I see why it took so long now!

I'm loving this!


I really loved the video.. up to the very end. You know why. 😉

It's cause Kenny hit the high note, isn't it! :)

Ahmmm.. i get to hear his mumbling all the time but I do not see a steem witness blowing kisses to the whole world every day. <3

Wahahaha... I like @sircork last stand on video! Hahaha...

Dang son, did you really hit that high note? @kennyroy...

Lol "dang son"

Oi. Corky, we gotta have words....

I am always here :)

Hahaha... yeahhh...

oh wow that "WAS" you. hah. cool man!

Yeah! Thats me! Hahahaha... I take the hard one that others can't do for sure... Just kidding! Hahaha...

After 3weeks of waiting... At last!!! Its done!!!

Now you just have to wait for three more continents to wake up and see it :)

They will awake when they listen and see this music video...