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RE: Steem Secrets #5 (Delivered By @allerie00): Much Of The INTEL That You Will Need, To Attain "Steemit" Success, Lies In "History".

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“There were limited helpers because “helpers" were seeking help too" ...

You're right sir.
Your help always mean a lot to us.


I now understand Terry's empathy towards minnows. You try to help out in every way possible because you have been 'there' and fully understand how tough it could be. If we had more people like you here, people loving people like you do, people doing brotherhood like you do, people doing humanity like you do, it would have been so awesome. Then again you are 'you' and you have been the greatest help here on steemit. I want to say 'Ese nkpukpo' for being there.

I think you are the most understander. You foresee it all. I love you and respect you.

Thank you Terry, I write as I 'feel'

Exactly maam. He is the reason why we minnows continued our journey here in steemit. Atleast there is someone who helpd us alot and inspired us . Thanks @surpassinggoogle

Please let us support @surpassinggoogle also by voting his witness account steemgigs. Here is a link that does this using steemconnect.

ofcourse i will and i will tell friends of mine too :)

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