fundamental question for steemit 1, SNS based on the Rewards ?

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Is the SNS based on the Rewards possible ?

All of our problem were occurred due to the distribution of the rewards.
This problem seems a strong obstacle for the Steemit for developing as the SNS, in my opinion.

Facebook did not give any rewards for the accounts, but lots of people like to take part in the Facebook.

We must admit that the growth of the accounts was stopped due to the rewards.
The rewards was an obstacle for the ordinary people who had not so much SP.


Hi @slowwalker it is a good question and to tell the truth there are many different reasons why we are here. I think such social medias like Facebook, twitter and whatever else, they were existing before Steem, to tell the truth none of those social media made me interested in them me and few members of my family we are not using them at all! That may sound weird and difficult to believe but this is a truth.

The reason why we got interest in Steem are, first because it is a Cryptocurrency and Crypto is our future, when we joined Steem it was existing only one year and offered both social contact with many different people, with different interest. You can surf in #tags where you have your interest and you can find some other people and leaving comment you learn them and communicate and as a nice side effect to earn Steem. I am saying earn because we know that nothing is for free in this life, we have to work to earn something and on this blockchain the work is rewarded.

I like the idea of curation trials and that is essential for Steem, without such projects like @curie, @curangel, @ocd and like it was before @ntopaz many people would probably give up and leave.

Steem is only a Crypro that gives a change for people in such places like Venezuela to survive using Steem, to pay for their treatment and have better quality of life such @cryptopie and also to build up an own house like @sultan-aceh who also helping his little village in Aceh-Indonesia.

This everything is possible because of rewards that these people got with their posts, with taking active part in life of Steem community and that is why I would say: Steem is the unique Cryptocurrency with great potential and we should reward people for their quality posts and active participation in life of Steem communities.

Thank you, dear friend.
Your comment make me think once again about the value of Steemit.

The main difference is that where there is money people want to make money.
The same people are at the top of their earnings and people with the minuses are doomed to the same thing - it's a paradox.
Part of the social network has to be separated, the part of the witnesses that everyone votes and every user has one vote as in democracy in order to remove the monopoly of money, a fair system of remuneration should be created for investors and bloggers.

Steemit is a business social network and this is where the logic of business and social network mix, there is no real freedom all based on the power play of the business lobby groups.
We should give everyone a chance to write, to educate themselves to become a good blogger and not to be a spammer, to invest and prosper, but without a downvote and a blacklist.

thank you for your comment.
mostly, I agree with you, especially on the one vote one time not for 30 times

When money is involved it will naturally generate toxicity and conflicts between people.

Facebook did not give any rewards for the accounts, but lots of people like to take part in the Facebook.

Centralized platforms “rewards” with endorphin level up. That’s why they are so dangerous fraud, @slowwalker.

The reason why centralized SNS is dangerous is censor friendly and can be manipulated easily by any political power.

Censorship is a higher level, @slowwalker. It couldn’t be possible to attract the people to the censorship and data harvesting platforms without the basic level — ‘injecting’ endorphin to the poor sheeple hooked on their fraud. And yes, it always end with the political manipulation, which is, essentially, a control over their lives.

Ha ha ha, Sad reality, injecting endorphin.

By the SNS abbreviation - are you meaning Social Networking Service? Surely the rewards is one of the Unique Selling Points of this system, but some people are no doubt here for free speech purposes.

Thank you for your comment.
If you need to choose one thing between free speech and the rewards, which one do you prefer ?

I like your point of view and the one from @dobartim
It is real overview of reality here

Thank you and I am glad @communityschools pointed me to check your post and your wisdom in your writing
I am voting and following you

yes in my opinion the rewards are important, moreover we are steemit users who don't have much SP. it's only natural that rewards can help us do something in this steemit. if this is social media in full. many people here are hoping for rewards.

value and profit seldom go together, in my opinion.

What is SNS?

Social networking sites??

It means social media. Somehow Koreans came up with that terminology different from an English word..

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better interface, easier way to browse around, better searches, easy way to register (that 2 week wait was crazy, in this day and age people forget what they registered 2 weeks ago)... a lot of things that go before the rewards problem. especially at this prices. a dollar a day means nothing even here and not to talk about "developed" countries.

I fully agree with you some thing to be done before the rewards.

I fully agree
With you some thing to be done
Before the rewards.

                 - slowwalker

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

because if you have a place where general public wants to be, rewards are a bonus. and not hypeing expectations that everyone will be rich when they join the platform. more like, it will buy you coffee from time to time, and non other platform is buying you coffee :)

I do think people will experience social media better if there was some money or rewards involved, their content would become more better. But in other SNS since it is centralized people will think more about their actions before posting etc. @slowwalker

Thank you @cryptopie
I always pray for your heath

I'm not posting here solely for the rewards. People don't post on other sns for the rewards as there aren't any rewards. Steem shouldn't have to pay people to post, quality posts are what should be earning rewards, not paying for poor content just to get people here.

Let's hope there are some good improvements comming though to attract more people. I really don't like the rewards abusers here and offering more rewards will just attract more abuse.

I think people need to invest if they want to earn more rewards just like if I want dividends in a company I have to invest. At least you can invest time in quality here and get rewards, it doesn't just have to be money.

Thank you so much for your first comment.

I still wonder why Steemit and Steem as a whole is taking so much time to take off. I guess it is because most people outside are afraid of trying something new and people are happier with getting attention more than they want rewards.

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