I strongly disagree with 'Soft Fork 0.22.2'steemCreated with Sketch.

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Change is needed in Steemit for progress.
Justin Sun, I wish You do what you think right.
They don't represent all stakeholders of Steem community.
They got SP with ninja mining.
They don't have a right to freeze SP Justin Sun bought.

I, as a one million sp stakeholder who bought steem coin, support your change.

It is time to change for further progress.


It is fine to disagree. Is that the reason you tried to manipulate witnesses?



Build a global community, have 20 witnesses to agree on your agenda, get the technical and social know how of a blockchain, come back and do your own soft-fork if you can.

Until then .....

shut up you self-voter!

I am with you @slowwalker and with new changes - we need better future for all users...

Thank you
we go together

Welcome Back, slowwalker! It’s nice to see you again!
Justin Sun is Bringing to All investors hope for improvement!
We all are steemit!

@slowwalker, In my opinion this process is Reversible and i think that Steem Witnesses took this step because there are potential concerns regarding Witness Voting with Steemit Inc Stake. And let's hope that everything will be sort out in Town Hall Session. Stay blessed.

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Actually the whole Steemit.Inc’s stake ( what Justin bought) is the ninja mined one

You're so right. They, the witnesses who support the soft fork, strongly infringed Justin Sun's own property right. Too BAD

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What is ‘ninja mining’?

Do you fully understand the soft fork?

Why should the new Soft Fork prevent future change?
Justin Sun doesn't need to vote for Steem Witnesses or Post Votes to bring positive change to Steem. We had the same agreement with Ned and Steemit.com as well they never voted for Witnesses or Posts.
I don't understand your agruement that this would stop the change that Justin Suns brings to Steem???

steemit stake should have been in some kind of public contract long time ago, that is where witnesses fucked up. did Ned said to Justin what the deal was, not sure. Am i happy with this not really. Lack of any communication was shitty.

Interested, would you be ok if justin voted 20 of his accounts and did the token swap and moved it all to tron?

Hello @slowwalker, good to see you posting again. Do you know who else got some of the ninja mined Steem? Is there a way we can check. Thank you.

Very few people beside Steemit ninja-mined anything.