Steemit Rewards Explained

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I just read a very good post by Shortsegments regarding author and curation awards. It was very good.

Author Rewards = Creator Rewards
A creator makes stuff, like poems, stories, drawings, paintings, pictures, sculptures and other stuff. On Steemit we call the Rewards that creators get; Author Rewards.

Curator Rewards = Consumer Rewards.
A consumer is a person who reads or looks at the stuff a creator makes and upvotes it, so the creator gets rewarded.

On Steemit both author/creators and curator/consumers get rewarded!
The creator is very important because they make stuff for other people to enjoy. But the Consumer is very important because without the consumer, the creator doesn’t get any rewards. So on Steemit the Consumer and the Creators Both get rewarded. On Steemit the rewards on every post are split between the creator Or author and the consumer or curator. So on Steemit the rewards on every post are split equally, 50/50 between Author and Curator.

Remember Authors equal creators, and Curators equal consumers. Both the creators and consumers are rewarded equally or 50/50.

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