What's happening at #introduceyourself in Steemit v.5

in #steemit2 years ago

The introduceyourself tag is cool.

Basically it gives new users the chance to showcase themselves.

Clicking here you can see a bunch of the new users.

introduce yourself.png
Original high-tech sign by @snowyknight

So I just went to #introduceyourself and upvoted about 10 new users there, with with a rep score less than 40.

You should give it a try... it is fun and easy to do.

Like the #introduceyourself tag? If you do not know it, give it a try.

Lots of cool new users and potential here! ;)

Feel like yaking about it below?


Have a great day.


Very nice! Forgot about this for quite a while! Used to that in the old days!


It is still there! ;)