Campaign to get SBD listed on Binance

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Please Resteem and get the word out that Steemit Users want SBD (STEEM Dollars) listed on Binance.

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We need @ned to fill out the form

This link requires a Google sign in:

Once Signed In, the following form needs to be filled out:

Resteem this post let everyone know we want SBD listed on Binance!

What else can you do? I recommend to go over to @binanceexchange and politely suggest that you want Binance to list SBD. Please let Binance know that it is important to you and the Steemit community.


For a breakdown of how Steemit Rewards system works:


It’s a supply market issue. It wouldn’t help steem as a brand it would likely just confuse people. I’m gonna support this because I respect the people who want this👍 But it doesn’t make a ton of sense in my outlet.

you bring up a good point. I don't really care that much if it gets added or not because Bittrex already has STEEM and SBD and if I really want to send something from my steemit account to Binance I just go to the market and convert my SBD to steem.

The confusion thing is interested. To someone who's simply buying crypto as an investment I would think STEEM and NOT SBD would be what they would be buying so in a sense SBD only confuses the issue. I think SBD is more for the Steemit platform than to be used externally or even traded

You bring up my continued thoughts exactly!

if they already have STEEM on Bincance then it only makes sence to get SBD on as well.

but if they don't have STEEM on binance yet shouldn't we try to get STEEM onto it first?

STEEM is listed on Binance. They seem to refuse to list SBD.

might be something to do with how volatile SBD is with the increase in supply every day.

It is somewhat volatile due to limited supply. As the various STEEM communities grow, the supply of SBD will grow and the volatility will stabilize. For now, early adopters of the various STEEM apps (such as Steemit) can benefit from SBD having a value greater than $1.

That is because we get paid in the US dollar equivalent value in SP, but we get paid in the quantity of SBD. When SBD is over $1.00 then we are getting paid more. When we take advantage of SBD benefit, it supports regulating the value.

Binance can capitalize on the trading of SBD as they take a tiny fee for all trades. I've Seen UpBit handle over $100 Million dollars worth of SBD trading in a 24 hour period. The disadvantage that UpBit has is that it only supports Korean language. It seems to me that Binance is loosing out on capitalizing on this opportunity.

Binance does not like pump-and-dump coins. SBD is exactly that when it gets on exchange.

And I understand why. One is an iou basically , it’s for the steem site. I’m supporting this move and this post 100% but I don’t think this makes sense honestly. I’m gonn push it because I like and support the people behind this 👍

We hope dan does fill the form in time. Hopes high, #positivemind

While it would be cool to see it listed I don't really care that much. I can send Steem or SBD to Bittrex and if I want to send it to Binance I just to to the market convert my SBD to steem and send it over.

That is OK.

It is important to me because I'm making an effort to build STEEM & SBD up on a macro scale. Currently there is no major multilingual exchange that supports SBD. That hurts the Steemit ecosystem because Steemians don't have options if they don't read English or Korean.

Put yourself in other people's shoes. Imagine that you get paid in SBD or STEEM in which you must go to a foreign exchange and trade it for some other asset and that website is in a language that you don't know or unfamiliar with. Imagine if you only know French, German, Spanish, or any other language that is not Korean or English. You may choose not to use any of the various STEEM apps like Busy, Dtube, or Steemit. That really hurts the growth and future success of STEEM.

Yes, one can convert at the market, but there is only one two currencies to buy. STEEM and SBD. There are no other options. The exchange rate at the market can be really bad at times. Speaking of options, you are lucky you have an option take your STEEM to multiple exchanges that support your language. A bunch of other people just don't have options. For them, STEEM is not really a usable currency.

Even if there wasn't a language barrier, the severe lack of access via exchanges puts STEEM at risk of being replaced with something else that is available everywhere.

Resteemed :) Let's get SBD Listed baby!

I liked it a lot. I want to know, but want to know more details.